Poetry: Joseph K. Wells

Joseph K. Wells
Waiting to Spring

I remember
how we danced
last summer.
Hours together.
Every summer.
Warm memories…
not enough
to melt
the frozen distance
that slid
between us.
You pleasure
trip whimsically
our on-off relationship
as I mostly lay
all alone
invisible to you
under layers
of sheets- white,
in a longtime,
cold, shivering
no more;
just silent,
clenching my teeth,
holding tightly
the last drops
of your heat
in my belly,
waiting to pierce
my heart
to let out

a life

that you can
then claim

your own.

Sunset and an Unsettling Night

The sun burned out, now a sky full of embers
covers a dark world where life now just slumbers...

In light, this world, a boisterous show of color;
in dark, a protest in monochromic stupor.

The shadows of the day have now virally spread;
colluding in the dark, blinding the paths ahead.

Signage drawn in daylight, now all smudged;
scriptures in the dark, the scripts are fudged.

Religion is power, now powered by numbers;
we live in a dark world where life now just slumbers.

Joseph K. Wells primarily makes a living as a businessman, doctor of occupational therapy and adjunct professor. He is of Indian origin who made USA his home in 1995. Since he began publishing in 2016, his poems have found homes in nearly two dozen journals and lit mags. A selection of his published works is available from https://paperonweb.wordpress.com/


  1. 'Sunset and an Unsettling Night' is a poem, crafted well. It is dark and dashing!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Dr. Siddik. Your work is inspiring.


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