Monalisa Dash Dwibedi (Voices Within)

Monalisa Dash Dwibedi’s poems are featured in international literary journals “Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS”, “Different Truths”, “Muse India “, ARC Poetry and Indian Ruminations. She was one of the featured poets in August 2019 edition of “Year of the Poet VI” magazine which is published every month by Inner Child Press International (USA). Spillwords Press Magazine, NY, USA publishes her poems regularly. Her poems are published in prestigious anthologies in many countries such as India, Bangladesh, Iraq, USA, and Seychelles. Her poems have been translated into Nepali and Guajarati languages.

Rain And Stone laugh at me

Rain is 
Sky carrying stories of clouds, 
And fragrances of the sun, 
Falling gracefully,
To quench its thirst

While the sun sends the mystic mist 
In search of more stories,
Earth embraces rain. 
Sky falls in love with the elixir of life, 
Forgets the call of the eternal blue,
Lives in earth forever

A stone is 
A drop of tear of the eternal blue
On the bosom of mother earth,
The divine consciousness, 
Grieves witnessing 
Lack of human consciousness,

When I read the lines aloud, 
Rain and stone laugh at me. 

If I forget 

Remind me to blow out the light,
When the artist is done 
With his last canvas.

Wax will slowly melt
Forever renewed in tears,
To burn lifelong bundles of regrets.

Remind me to feed my soul
In my last supper,
The body will be soon out of grace.

Remind the night to return my slumber. 
Stop the music,
Lest it remembers 
To cast shadows in my dreams


When the time was right, 
The sky listened. 
And the snowflakes fell. 
Spreading a silvery carpet of love,
Winter embraced the fall.

Buried two feet down, 
Where sat a solitary ice rock,
Shamed into silence,
An eternity it seemed,
Overtaking this winter, 
Betraying the root of it all,

Life seeks us out,
Uninformed, unlearned,
Yet others understand,
Being the same inside, 
In glorious difference, 
Are not we unique to ourselves

As seasons are? 

Voices Within-2020 :: Setu, February 2020

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