Sushanta Bhattacharjee (Voices Within)

Sushanta Bhattacharjee is a bi-lingual poet. He writes poems both in English and Bengali and editor of “Suchetana”. .His poetry has been published in several news papers, little magazines and in several Anthology of poetry. He has published two Bengali poetry books namely, “Kichu Chara Kichu Kabita” & “ Barak Surmar Tera Tera”. He took part at39th World Congress Of Poets in KIIT Campus, Bhubaneswar in 2019. His two poems namely, “My Compassion” & “A Pang” have been published in Anthology of WCP. He has launched his first English Poetry Book, “Blue Horizon” at 39th World Congress Of Poets.

Aspects Of Life

Construction Of reality
From multidimensional complexity
Is an unique mathematical task
To interpret logically
All the variable factors
By their coefficient meaningfully.
Thus dialogues, monologues and clichés
Want to communicate the syntax
Of language in a grammatical structure
By endorsement of rhetoric graphics
In a coherent system with relationship
By defining certainty and uncertainty
In a natural bias or unbiased frame
With essential aspects of life
By its passion and real condition.

Eternal Expansion

... interrelatedness of all odd notions
of civilization impel with
all modern elements of humanity
to expand the consciousness of life
by destabilizing odd dimensions
for the search of new sphere of life
in a cosmic binding with objectivity
for a new equilibrium in the subjectivity
to pass in this natural earth
in every moments of time
for eternal expansion ....

An Existentialist

Waiting – an endless waiting
In a passage of time
With the experience of the flow of time
Actively or passively....
I am confronting with myself
In the influx of time frame
Just to identify the significance of life
To be in this earth.
Life is an illusion in a terrible stability-
Cruelly deforming structural being
In the name of Existentialism
By absurd cross talk in Earth’s Hall
To justify once again freedom of choice
In subjective existence as a whole
Dogmatically denying the eternal question

Of origin of the Universe and its End-Game.

Voices Within-2020 :: Setu, February 2020

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