Kalyna Temertey-Canta, ITALY

Exclusive: Best of Women Poetry: Edited by Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy

Watch as I dance, listen as I sing, I have a story
to tell of a woman from within

To a proud mother born, daughter of inhibition,
inherited from lifetimes of subjugation

Spellbound spirit in human form,
a stifled-self in seek of liberation

A beautiful object
for contemplation?

Waters of courage like vapour rise,
an impetuous cloud overtakes the skies–
falls one drop at a time, straightening
the curve of a furled spine


the final release,
rain washes all corners


Neck rises high
from a collarbone, a parted mouth
gives way to a groan,
she gives birth to her gleaming Soul

Against a black forest the
heron takes flight, from darkness
emerges her blinding light

Often held captive, beauty is not so rare.

Kalyna Temertey-Canta (. Kaly) was born in Canada and completed her formal studies at the Sheridan School for Craft and Design. Her poetry has been published in various Journals and anthologies, including the California Poetry Society Quarterly, Amravati Poetic Prism Multilingual Anthology and The Current International Anthology of English poems. Her major themes are, understanding oneself through the natural world, life as a metaphysical journey, and aspects of being a woman. A mother of three children, she lives a quiet life in the Italian countryside.  She loves to travel and has participated in several international poetry festivals.

Best of Women Poetry -2020 :: Setu, March 2020

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