Manipur - The Crown of North East India

Gopal Lahiri

- Gopal Lahiri

Passing through scenic countryside, sleepy villages and picturesque towns, one can understand the ‘jewelled land’, Manipur in her elements. A visit to this tiny state in the north east of India is an unforgettable experience.

Dotted around are the grass rings floating on the Loktak lake is a revelation. Loktak lake is the largest freshwater lake in the North-East India and is located in Moirang in Bishnupur district. The view of the lake from the Sendra hillock is breath-taking.

The only floating National Park in the world, the Keibui Lamjao National Park located on the Loktak lake is the natural habitat of the famous dancing deer ‘sangai’. We were lucky to have a glimpse of this shy deer walking on this forest in this enviable setting.

Kangla Fort is a must visit. Located in the heart of Imphal city, the oldest polo ground is the real star attraction of this fort. Kangla is one of the most important historical and archaeological sites in Manipur. It reflects the proud history of the erstwhile Asiatic Kingdom dating back to 33 A.D. It is the symbol of the state’s culture and heritage.

Shree Shree Govindji Temple is the centre of Vaishnavites in Manipur. Twin domes, a beautiful courtyard and a large raised congregation hall are the highlights of this historic temple. The place becomes vibrant during Raas Leela time with song and dance.

INA base at Moirang is worth a visit because Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose led the INA to defeat the British and established the first independent government in Moirang. The flag post is still preserved. It’s rich in local history.

War cemetery at Imphal is a fascinating location. Commemorating the memories of the British and Indian soldiers who died during the World War II.

The War Cemetery is well maintained recording the sacrifice of those gallant soldiers. The monument in memory of Japanese soldiers who fought with the British is also a tourist attraction.

Ima Market is a unique all-women’s market with more than 3000 stalls run by the mothers. It spreads on the two sides of the main market road. Handlooms, garments and household items are sold on one side and on the other side the fruits and vegetables, groceries and fishes are sold.

The boat ride around the floating forest is an illuminating route through an overlooked landscape that is weirder than any other, and becoming wilder once again and the view is spectacular. The expanse of the flat land is amazing. It’s the perfect base for those in search of an adrenaline rush.

Manipur has always inspired the visitors for its rolling mountains to serene water, hidden waterfalls to the floating park, for its exquisite dance forms to amazing flora and fauna and the rich cultural heritage.


  1. Very beautiful pictures... with the well described article...!!!

  2. Manipur has come alive through pictures and text.


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