Shernaz Wadia, INDIA

Exclusive: Best of Women Poetry: Edited by Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy
Out of this milieu of denials, humiliations and gender biases
We emblazon a new horizon of strength, resilience, intelligence
Rising from the sacrificial altar, we zoom into infinite space,
Our constant chant — a litany of female prowess!
Feathers spreading our wings will defy resistance,
the weight of injustice outstripped by the wind beneath
the night of our frost will awaken to the azure of a perfect dawn.

These spheres of our lives must not be construed in dreams
With fire in our bellies we will rocket towards the rainbow,
splash its colours on the humdrum canvases of our reality
Enlightened, self-owned, we will walk confidently through
antiquated checkpoints of forbidden frontiers; bulldoze bulwarks,
don new avatars beyond obscurity, beyond cramped roles
of mother, wife, nurturer, protector, anchor and many more
Exposed, vulnerable to centuries of neglect and abuse
With the burden of male dominance on our yoked shoulders
we build a cairn. Each rock a prayer for restoration of balance
Harnessing our own yin and yang we turn the soil
of old constructs and weed out gender- specific paradigms.
Someday every woman will harvest a fresh crop – mowing down
the thorny thistles of patriarchal restraints and sexism.
Respect, justice, freedom, empowerment must blossom for all!

To Shernaz Wadia writing is an inward journey. She has been published in many e-journals and anthologies. She has published her poems in “Whispers of the Soul” and “Tapestry Poetry - A Fusion of Two Minds” (2012) plus a second collection with the same title (2018) with her poetry partner Avril Meallem. Tapestry Poetry is a novel form of poetry writing developed by these two poets. Website:

Best of Women Poetry -2020 :: Setu, March 2020

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