Alyssa Trivett (Western Voices 2020)

Exclusive: Western Voices, 2020: Edited by Scott Thomas Outlar
Bio: Alyssa Trivett is a wandering soul from the Midwest. When not working, she chirps down coffee while scrawling lines. Her work has appeared recently at The Rye Whiskey Review.


He flips car cup change into the Jukebox,
it spews out hopeful lines
like vomit below a rollercoaster,
ridding of one’s sick bits from their system.
He slams the glass and grabs a beer as
I’m still on martini number one,
not that I’m tallying ‘em.
The clock ticking hour of
flying saucer comic bubbles
continues on.
And people whirligig spin on their chairs.
I redirect back to tunnel vision
and listen in.
He clutched my pinky,
and stared at his beer mug ring,
as I choose instead to now pile-drive coffee down,
it’s my only vice, anyways.

The Wi-Fi is Still Jacked 

I will run downstairs and remove
all plugs from their outlets
only to set all the kitchen utensils
back in their drawer organizers
as they head to bed.
I shall siphon three cups of java
down my coffee burned throat and
ding-dong-ditch all
seven neighbors on my block,
while I walk the dogs and
lay flat all of the broken
toothpick fence posts out
and realign them.
Then, only to kick rocks at
car windshields with a thread-size
crack in them.
I’ll fix the router with my retail dry hands
and change the Wi-Fi password to something
so obscure not even our mail carrier
who steals packages will
be able to guess it.

The Madness in Grief, Late 2017
…and I can’t explain it unless,
or I will at least attempt.
Think of your mind running around
on a train jackhammer hopping on
steeltoe broken tracks while
wearing stones around your neck.
You have a construction worker pissbucket
as your only friend and the walls
of royal blue paint begin to bleed again.
Even broken piano keys shrill.
It’s a seventy-five water ride drop,
but once you get to the bottom of it
and exit the automatic car door
you will realize there is so much
more to live for,
as your heart kickstarts and the
yellow Van Gogh sun rises, again.

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