Carl Scharwath (Western Voices 2020)

Exclusive: Western Voices, 2020: Edited by Scott Thomas Outlar
Bio: Carl Scharwath, has appeared globally with 150+ journals selecting his poetry, short stories, interviews, essays, plays or art photography (His photography was featured on the cover of 6 literary journals.) Two poetry books 'Journey To Become Forgotten' (Kind of a Hurricane Press).and 'Abandoned' (ScarsTv) have been published. His first photography book was recently published by Praxis. Carl is the art editor for Minute Magazine, poetry editor for TL Publishing Group, a competitive runner and 2nd degree black- belt in Taekwondo. 


In the ataxia of lunacy
A ghost landscape stands sentinel
Like a portrait painted
From the inside out.

The image of you
Forlorn and forgotten,
In that melancholy day
Abolishing the morning stars.

Hybrid stasis of emotions
Signals an imaginary border
Of self-invention on
The wrong side of life.

While the hidden paradigm
Reaches towards itself
And asks--- will you be
Unremembered in your death?


A lonely starling ensnared
By an evening phantom tree
Forfeited in the twilight of
Celestial awakening and synergy.

Her blood polluted with
Pharmaceutical rivers of
Denial and hopelessness
Beholden to fentanyl.

Future new-age Eden awaits
In a dilapidated strip mall.
The walls white and peeling
Humanity held hostage.

The serpent in a white coat
Dispenses your savior.
Sins of addiction and the
Resurrection of enslavement.

I wanted to save you
In a time where nothing happens,
No decisions are shared
For what we cared for.

Will the past and the future
Ignite into the present?
Absorbing in the transferal imminence
Of our first and last love.


Hysterical-naked-and dragging
Through heaven’s roof illuminated
Floating across the vertex of art

Your smile and memory fills
The nebulae of the mind

We have a song
The loosed string tells our note

Waiting for history to begin
Making my own heaven
To see you again

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