Danijela Trajković (Western Voices 2020)

Exclusive: Western Voices, 2020: Edited by Scott Thomas Outlar
Bio: Danijela Trajković (1980) is a poet, short story writer, translator and reviewer. She holds an MA in English language and literature from the Faculty of Philosophy in Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia. Her work has been translated into Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Arabic, English, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovakian, Macedonian, Uzbek, Turkish, Bengali, Hungarian and published in journals (Matica srpska, SETU, Poem, Voices de la Luna, Live Encounters, etc), newspapers (Večernje novosti, Femida) and anthologies (‘World Poetry Almanac’, Mongolia, 2017-2018, ‘Balkan Poetry Today (UK, 2018), etc. Danijela’s first book ‘22 Wagons’ (selected and translated Anglophone Contemporary Poetry) was published by Academy of Arts, Knjaževac, Serbia, 2018.

While Life Sees a Dream

Life is outside
In the room there are
Golden eyes of the Moon
My daughter's calm breathing
And me
Outside life is quiet
It sees a dream of how
It is not to be life
Nobody wants to interrupt its dream
Dogs don't fight for the bone
That cats licked
Cats don't chase mice
Mice don't bite the corn
That a housewife
Hung against the wall
To have for popcorn
Wind doesn't blow-dry the white cherry tree
And so
Life sleeps
As a girl who sees a dream
Of having super powers.

Iranian woman

Flowers have a bath
In the sweat
Of his beautiful Iranian woman
Under his sparkling movements
The world gets swallowed
By a thirsty river in a gorge
Only his lips remain
Swollen with Iranian tea
The tongue slalom skis
Every flag in the oasis
Feels his touch
Trembling like sand
In the middle of a storm
The teeth tear the fruits
Of former Persia
At lightning speed

There is a new law
Above her
Just for her
The new sky
And she gives birth
To geysers…


He waited for the moment
When the sun
Would take off its clothes
Come close to the water
And be rapt
He approached it from behind
Got it
And put it under her nightgown
For his Rati
He built
An underground palace
Its entrance opens
The scent of his body
And he vanished
Black Widows
In the black lace
Caught him
And now
Rati sits beside
The deathbed
Of the sun

*Rati is the Hindu goddess of love, carnal desire, lust, passion and sexual pleasure.

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