Poetry: Parray Shahid

Parray Shahid
Parray Shahid: I am a poet based in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir (India).

I began writing poetry as a teenager and have contributed a number of poems to literary journals published by State Cultural Academy. I also have a published poetry collection "the first few notions (ISBN:978-9381696453)" that was issued in 2015.

1. Change

And among all things, believe!
In change least comfort lies,
Like the first grey hairs that gleam in estrangement,
With so sweet a sadness
It makes our hearts at once both grieve and love.

Long joys yield long love,
And love is love, in beggars as in kings,
Till time too late we make them run
Mad without will, with sad remembrance
For love in itself is but a jest, apt to change.

We wail among the rest, as life works in vain
Where change will master be!

it is quite another thing today
where is your song
your waiting
for the couched sun
upon that lunging pine tree bough

not a voice is here
not one of all those hymns
soft or shrill
o happy bird
where is everyone
and you

I lie in wait
like a lover
with mild concerns
but resolve
and same faithful routine
and single constant aim.

Where else will you find me
If not in the net of my conceit
Masked still among the sort
Of feud that knows not flaw nor break
In its restless hours scoring
I tell you -
In this disease of fantasy, As I
Bend my steps and wander, mute –
The lively sap of yesterday’s imps creeps up
Into the blooming thorns of today and tomorrow
Who could help it?
To not think of the several thousand ways time did pass
The state of things
To my mind most contrary
Never slides all day long ---
It is fire!
It is a grave!
Ever since, when, little knowing
Where it was you went ---
O disturber of my soul!
Believe me, I have endured too long
This bitter state of mine.
Were it not
That I am driven to extremity -- a place
Where none can my pain appease
I’d not complain about what gain I did
At such a price!
If only I could disarm me
And of such a woe waste a little
If but I could rise from my grave

4. To Mother

A thought rests upon your brow
And in silence –
Through your dark silken eyelids rolling,
Melts in strange mad glow of your flaming eyes –
Which, partly uplifted to the regardless heavens, slowly move
almost grandly round in their orbits.

You have started from sleep, all new sleep, again?
Or is it not sleep, and just the sable dark night hovering above,
That has left marred the calm of your countenance?
And yet – To the Heaven’s pleasure,
That it may sweep this scourge from your face,
Must you assume the face of an aged dame –

Of hope, what height of madness is this?
Since all alone, Heaven has willed, you die.

O Mother!
Your age is outworn –
And effete to conceive the truth:
 “Forlorn you stand -
For one and all, the gods are now departed.”

As I lay, pretending
A deep pleasant sleep
The pang seems to abandon me not
I grieve your loss once more;
Again the wasting pain
Clings to my breast
And hangs from my vying countenance;

Tonight –
Come – wake me up – Will you?
And grieve with me again - pretending!
My Rafiiq!
– My Confidante!


  1. Inspirational, Keep entertaining with ur beautiful poetry, God Bless u

  2. Every poem is so differently set. Such diversity, Ah!
    Hope to see from you.

  3. Enchanting poetry as always. Looking forward to reading much more.

  4. Now that I had the time to read the pieces more thoroughly, here’s a more detailed comment.

    I noticed a shift in the style of your poetry, and this shift is (I’ll admit) something I've been waiting for for a very long time.

    So for starters, you have one poem (no. 2), that's all in lowercase and that is all in freestyle. I remember a conversation once where you were practically appalled at the thought of freestyle poetry, but I think out of the 5, I like this one the most. It's raw, it's an expression of vulnerability, it's passionate, it's human, it's you.

    I also really, really like 3 and 5. (As you can see, I'm swaying more towards the ones that are not sonnets or do not resemble the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe, hehe xD).

    5 is a pure cry of loneliness, of pang, of wanting. the emotions are a canvas painted with blues, purples, blacks, a melancholy yellow....

    No. 3 I see as (a slightly classic form of) spoken word poetry. I just see it being recited and read aloud. The last lines have me wanting to read more. Although, I think that it would have had more musicality to it if you repeated if only another time instead of "if but". Again, this is coming from the idea that it is being recited aloud and the repetition helps captivate thoughts and resonate with the listeners.

    And that's just my humble opinion. All in all, I really, really enjoyed your pieces. Needless to say, thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Finely indited pieces by the young poet of the Valley portraying diverse themes of change, rememberance, pain in a man's life. As always, I love your poems than anyone else. I like the shift in your composition, it's, I think, more readable yet persuading.

  6. Impressed Bro. You are the crown of our village. May Almighty Allah shower His blessings on you and your family...aameen
    "I Love You"

  7. 'And love is Love, in beggars as in kings'
    'Must you assume the face of an aged dame'
    'Again the wasting pain clings to my breast and hangs from my vying countenance'
    How beautifully put and how simplistic of the language used...marvellous.

    So different from some of the modern poets who try complicate stuff using difficult vocabulary.

    I lie in wait
    Like a lover
    With mild concerns...

    I love it how true and raw it sounds❤

    An admirer.

  8. So proud of you bhai
    Love you
    Need your contact number


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