Poetry: Namita Rani Panda

Namita Rani Panda

Look at shining sun
That scatters light all alone!
And the moon?
She also glides silently all alone
Showering silvery light
Throughout the night.
The stars too shine brilliantly
Though far from each other,
Do they complain ever?

So, why to feel gloomy in isolation?
I'm not at all forlorn
My long forgotten self is my never failing companion
With ample time to paint my canvas with my choicest hues
To delve deeper into my inner self
And ponder over what to start anew.
The memory of my dear and near,
My priceless treasure, never let me alone
That entertain me with infinite pleasure.
Now I relax from the rat race
And in rapt meditation
To thank the Almighty for His wonderful creations,
Thereby linked to His other creations.
Isolation is rejuvenation
Of long lost togetherness
And start everything afresh.

Colours of Love

My Darling!
No need to bring gulal in heaps
Just smear me with the colour of your lips
And I will blush like a red rose,
Nature's sweetest and loveliest kiss,
Just splash me with your warmth so loving
And I will bloom fully like a yellow sunflower
that gleefully sways and swings,
Caress me with your touch so soothing
And I will be the vibrant earth in spring
So colourful and enticing,
Drench me with your unfading colour of love
And I will be a luxuriant tree in cool rain from above
So lively and green!


Cancer rose in my body like a river
That flowed forcefully
Spreading her distributaries in every direction
Without obstruction.
Cancer is a river in flood
That carries away with her
My unshakable hopes, big dreams like powerless boulders
And reduces them to small pebbles.
Now it seems as if life is flowing in slow motion
When I wait the river to mingle with the ocean
Holding tightly the grains of my diminishing dreams and hopes
That slip easily through my feeble fingers.

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