Poetry: Denis Waswa Barasa

Denis Waswa Barasa
Stella’s Courage
(For Stella Nyanzi)

Like a leopard she leaps
Charging at injustice stacked in heaps
She trumpets for justice to triumph
Cooing and keening in crescendo

She pads herself with courage
Girls must be padded with pads and learn
Radical rudeness she dispenses
Libel seeking leopards their anuses she

Without a wonder their conscience she
They must be free she frames
Jurists from the state flames

Rosa Parks lights her candle
Wangari Maathai her courage bundle
Her spine is laced by Wangu wa Makeri
She is stately Sirleaf and steely stubborn Su Kyi
Independent Indira and red-hot Thatcher
She spits sense like Madikizela
Reigns like Cleopatra
She pinches corruption
Defies incarceration
She blights positions
And pricks emotions
Bares her breasts
Bearing bare justice

Nnalongo, mother of twins
She cries for just wins
With radical rudeness
Stellar is her fineness
Stellar her fight
Stella Nyanzi.

Denis Barasa is a Kenyan teacher who enjoys writing poetry and other forms of writing too.
Some of his poems have been published by various magazines and journals.

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