Poetry: Roula Pollard

Roula Pollard

Nature is our first homeof body and mind.
On her heart and freedom God created us
She is the river of catharsis, my mother since birth.

Mother earth, why do I permit the merchants
To sell youin the slave-market of the world?
Why, I allow themto mutilate my mother daily?
You donot deserve it.  Am I yourloving daughter?
Am I a human being? Am I your protector?

I protect you mother, by oath
To abolish your slavery, to terminate your pain
To cut one by one thechain links off your shackles
Your abusers must be punished
It is a sacred law.
First, I will abolish earth slavery in my spirit
From theslave market to the stock exchange.
I will abolish the mutilation of your soil and organs
Emptying your body from your natural nutrients.

The triple cultivations per year, this wild violation
Must be abolished,earth rights must be established.
For which our violated world, ready to erupt as a volcano.
Your days of freedom, I expect like the coming of Christ.
Jesus Christ, I pray, come back to earth to free the earth! 


I call it a prayer
My spirit becomes more aware
My fingers strengthen by the light
My lips sing songs of gratitude
My life lengthens seen and unseen.

I pray, that the trees open their leaves
The soil livesa fertile life naturally
Without any use of destructive fertilizers,
The sea keeps growing healthy fish, not poisonous 
And the currents of the ocean remain a miracle.

I pray, nuclear waste is not deposited in the oceans
And sewage and plastic bags are recycled globally.
I pray, the birds keep breathing and their songs we listen to. 
I pray, the air breathes its own freshness, I pray we keep breathing
I pray,asthma, bronchitis and respiratory diseasesare eliminated.

Aloud or silently, when
I pray, I am fed each day also by air spirituality
I pray, I walk in a pilgrimage of light and love.
I pray my prayers are lifted up in the sky
and return to the earth, my sister, my brother,

If I could translate the language of birds
I would be able to read better my destiny,
in the wild hillsides of my life, with bee hives,
I untrained, up in the highest mountains of life.
Or, when I fly in the formations of migratory birds
at strenuous heights, longing with logic and harmony.
The earlier you learn to live happiness and gratitude
in your personal oceanic depths, in the self-sea-coves
of the unknown, the fewer battles you fight and lose.
The NDA of Happiness becomes immutable,
if her wings are guided by faith and knowledge.

Faith, joy and happiness eliminate fear,
faith reveals the miracle of divine light by Grace,
it offers comfort and confidence on each personal route.
Happiness supports the strife of progress the humankind
seeks, each person prays for you, blessed happiness by Grace.

Roula is a Greek poet, playwrightand translator, literary promoter and environmental activist. Her work has been translated into eight languages.
She has received international poetry awards and is published in international literary magazines.

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