Poetry: Setaluri Padmavathi

Setaluri Padmavathi
A Thing of Beauty

The green world amidst hills and deep valleys
The musical fountains and flowing waterfalls
A treat for my eyes, soul and longing mind!
Your finger tips gently touch the black cam
When you show alluring beauty around me!

I’m really tired of physical and mental pains
And my heart finds solace and solitude here
Towards rhythmic brook and rusty lands
Your finger tips gently touch the black cam
When you show riveting beauty around me!

Gentle breeze brings jasmines’ fragrance
Whistling wind sings a sweet welcome song
Flowing lake lets me feel the real serenity
Your finger tips gently touch the black cam
When you show startling beauty around me!

Rocky Mountains lie besides lovely streams,
Refreshing water kisses my frail tender feet
Chirping blue birds welcome me from afar
Your finger tips gently touch the black cam
When you show enthralling beauty around me!

Swaying branches set a soft swing ahead
Lush green orchards always enchant me
How blessed I’m to be in the lap of nature!
Your finger tips gently touch the black cam
When you show engrossing beauty around me!

O dear! I beg you not to leave your black cam
As I wish for more fantasy in pictures around
Paint the frames with rainbow colours ahead!
Your finger tips gently touch the black cam
When you show thrilling beauty around me!

Rat Trap

Tiny and big fish, immovable
caught in a net large, by the sea,
Fishermen, trapped in the ocean
full day on the boat, big wooden!

The innocent lamb, immovable
spotted by the king of jungle,
No more liberated wanderer
within an hour, it’s grabbed!

Smart and super cute child
told a white lie, to her mother,
The mother wisely dappled
her lying big, black eyes!

The nomad with no thought
paced in the jungle, lush green
Perplexed with no clues,
thus, trapped, he by paths!

A diplomatic rat trap seller
spoke his mind to an unknown,
Trusting him, opened his book
but, lodged easily by the unknown!

A rude and greedy traveller
met a man, in a large firm
The man sheltered him with love
The traveller stuck in his hand!

What is this beautiful world, dear?
You love liberty, but ever trapped,
Listen! The world is a big rat trap
Be aware! You’re always caught!

Mrs. Setaluri Padmavathi, a postgraduate in English Literature with a B.Ed., has over three decades of experience in the field of education. She held various positions like the Head of the Department of English, Academic Coordinator, Principal and Teacher during her professional career. Writing has always been her passion that translates itself into poems of different genres, short stories and articles on a variety of themes and topics. Her poems can be read on her blog setaluripadma.wordpress.com. Padmavathi’s poems and other writings regularly appear on Muse India.com. Boloji.com, Science Shore, Setu, InnerChild Press Anthologies and Poemhunter.com

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