Poetry: Shreesham Pandey

Shreesham Pandey
The Day of Cry And Love

I have seen flowers bloom
in the summer breeze.
I have seen the saplings die
in the crust of ease.

We play and cherish
as we born and die.
We love and hate
in our lives.

We smile and laugh
showing our teeth.
We swirl around.
Ha! No one wants a seat.

But there are moments
we stay numb.
When we wear the silence.
Shit! What a dumb?

So don't be a secret
to your own.
Wait for the day
that will come soon.

The day when we cry
and also love, indeed.
Because this world is
a happy place to be.


I am a good guy
I yell on everything
No! I do not cry
I shout and never sing

And, you know what?
They say that I should behave.
But I reply
To go their way

They do not understand me;
I do not stand in front of them.

I Do

I do write.
I do feel.
I do say.
what I mean

I do work.
I do rest.
I do make
my machinery clean.

I do love.
I do hate.
I do pray
for God's sake.


the clouds rise
high over my eyes
nowhere to be seen
oh! where is ye
where you've been

the world is good
no! the world is better
the singing soul
is my shelter

insisting thou
to rise
to grow
moments, oh, they've gone
now touch the horizon

rise, rise and rise high

So drunk

He drank with a little memory.
Words flicked in his mind;
Images brightened his eyes.
And the earth stumbled to pillar the weights he used to carry.

A hope came and settled in his bosom.
Provided the light to enter there;
To kindle the writer inside.

Shreesham Pandey is a vernal writer and a visualizer who made his literary debut by self-publishing his first poetry collection and epigram collection. He is a bibliophile and loves to read all sorts of books and writings. The love for philosophy and physics is what he wishes to flourish for him in his life and he wants to read and make everyone read what they love.


  1. Great pieces buddy! I didn't know v these were already published here in 2020. Since been a long time but these words are still as solid and fluent. Will be looking forward for your future endeavours.

  2. Great little pieces of beautiful poetry.


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