DC Chambial
—DC Chambial, editor poetcrit

What weird times 
queer disease dogs man
the world thunderstruck.

Humans dying 
hundreds and thousands 
superpowers on knees.

The world locked in 
all roads, picnic spots wear 
deserted look.

The maniac race 
halted awhile 
peace reigns Supreme.

Parents and children 
estranged for years 
live and smile together.

Pass time in new 
recipes to savour 
tongue and time.

Nature replenishing 
with pleasure free of cost; 
nature lives free to roam.

Tears well up, those 
engaged in nature’s cure 
lost their bread and ale.

Clean air rivers 
even seas and oceans 
mountains invisible 

from some hundred meters 
visible now from hundreds 
of kilometers away.

It’s come not mere 
disease but a boon to teach 
humanity sanity.

10 Panku Poems

leisure with family
joy and cheerfulness reign supreme
the gift of covid-19

locked down 
to contain, cure corona 
living like first family

queer fight against invisible enemy 
casualties by hundreds and thousands 
oh! Corona

at the last moment 
leaving the world all alone 
as alone had come
a novice mode to live and die

harried hurry left behind 
fill lungs with air clean
home’s my universe

young and old 
at the mercy of nasty covid 
tears too afraid to come out

deaths by hundreds and
thousands:  mourners
decide not to disturb

lock down 
a moment for the earth to refresh 
murkied by egoists 

no honking horns, blaring ’speakers 
roads, highways 
open to animals wild
thanks covid-19


O the creator 
let everything bloom 
covid-19’s doom

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  1. Enjoyed reading the poet's new haiku on Covid-19 and panku poems.
    You are always refreshing.


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