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The sound of the wind plays different tunes, depending on where you are at the moment. It feels good. For me the wind is like a soothing song whenever my eyes gaze towards the night sky. 

Though I am penniless these days like a lot of people, I'm grateful to the supreme energy that has kept my loved ones safe. Jobs are vanishing, and soon more people will eventually die due to the pandemic or other reasons. But life is beyond the horizon; it's about hope and the forthcoming revelations that will overwhelm all of us in every way possible, and this story is about that undying pursuit of HOPE.  


3rd September 2017

I was humming the tune of one of my songs which was ready to be recorded soon. Wisdom explores the idea that 'the process of art is way more important and fun than the masterpiece itself'. On the day of recording, the first scratch was completed by 10:30 in the night. I had successfully executed two concerts professionally as an organizer on that very day; and two of my latest acting projects had just released. It was evident, I was super happy that night, feeling as if my struggle was finally over, and I had finally found a way to balance job, music and acting.

However, destiny had other plans for me in the coming days.

As I was almost dancing my way towards home, a sudden breeze changed something inside me, a new seed of an idea had been planted in my mind, the idea of a new song. Within a few days me and my journey-mates finally gave the song a structure and called it, "The UFO song" inspired by the work of Erich von Däniken.

17th September 2017

It was like a dream, I was literally sitting in the middle of a beach, surrounded by my loved ones, the moon was shining her grace on us, the water of the mighty sea was taking the sand away from beneath my feet. I had just finished a couple of more music videos, so there were other reasons for me to celebrate as well. That was one of the happiest moments in my life, when my phone rang. Within moments I could hear nothing, but the voice of my father merged with the gurgling sound of waves and wind from the sea. I remained absolutely still when he informed me that a ball of lightning had struck the front of my house, and then it radically started spinning, travelling through our neighborhood and then spiraling its way towards the main road, leaving a lot of damaged electrical equipment behind, including a few of my own. A lightning strike was not the reason for my astonishment, but the fact that it acted like a living thing did, since in a strange way it was like a premonition for me, because it was the exact situation that I had just finished writing in my notebook as a song!

How can that exact thing happen in real life?


27th December, 2017

Zuluk, The Himalayas

My body and mind were tingling due to the immense cold of Sikkim. We had just reached the resting place for the night. I thought let’s absorb the place, since we'll not be there again, and I didn't want to waste the experience. I left the warmth of the homestay and marched on the hilly slope for a better view of the place. There I stood, looking at the horizon, listening to the breeze of the Himalayas, smelling the pure Himalayan air. Soon I became lightheaded since oxygen was not enough at that altitude. 

I closed my eyes and tried to lower my excitement and breathed slowly. Feeling better, I opened my eyes and saw a star moving and blinking gently like a firefly. It came out from a mountain near the horizon, changed its course and kept flying right towards me; as if it was talking to me using the science of telepathy! But perhaps the speed of speech was so fast that I couldn't make out what it was saying. As the thing kept flying towards me, it was adjusting its direction as if it could see me. At this point, my brain felt like it was on fire.

The fictitious song I made on Daniken's theory, all the conspiracy theories on the multimedia platforms that I have seen, and my belief system about everything was suspended as I kept staring at the ever so majestic blinking star, which was getting bigger at an alarming rate. As a fighter fights, no matter what, suddenly my logical brain kicked in. I grabbed my camera and boom... it disappeared. At this point my knees were demanding for a chair or even better, a bed right then and there, which I negotiated with a cigarette instead. I was shocked, confused and curious. This incident and the latter ones led me to a research which was going to change my life and belief patterns about life forever. 

January 2018,

I started my own research on UFOs to avoid any kinds of misinformation through my art. As I delved deep into the research gradually, I realized that it's not new at all, every missing link went back to the pages of mythology rather than the unknown.

'The Book of Enoch' uncovered an unseen side of our own past which connects Sanatan (ancient Indian) mythology with the biblical story of Genesis. As slowly the research traded places from official CIA disclosed documents to the witnesses, to Bob Lazar, the Roswell fiasco to SETI, and from Phobos to finally Mansarovar, The Himalayas.

Early February, 2018

The Pentagon officially released 3 real military footages which confirm the existence of the phenomena of UFO/UAP. This incident acted like fuel for my initiative. It was then, when I delved into real stories where people either turned spiritual after witnessing an UFO or spiritual people found their masters coming out from one of those living light balls. Deep down, I knew it had something to do with ancient science and something deadly. These entities were multidimensional and spiritual in nature. They would show up from nowhere before catastrophic incidents which usually changed the world as per the historic reports and vanished into thin air. Generally, people who came in contact with these entities either went mad or started practicing various religious or cult rituals. I, on the other hand, became more stubborn about the logical side as a scientific mind would do.

22nd April, 2018

I was in my room, editing a wedding project which was dangerously close to missing its deadline!

Suddenly I felt like a voice was talking in my head. I immediately recognized the voice because I had heard it earlier, back in Zuluk, the only difference was that I could understand the voice at that moment; it was asking me to go out and look at a certain part of the night sky. I was overwhelmed as I saw another UFO again; but this time not in the Himalayas but right above my house…

To make sure that it was real and not some hallucination, I called my mom out and showed her. It was beautiful and my logical-questioning mind was destroyed at this point. The UFO slowed down, then sped up and disappeared after a few seconds.

It was almost the morning of 23rd April, 2018.

I was lying on my bed sleepless when suddenly I felt a million volts of electricity running through my body, and I literally couldn’t move or close my eyes. I was trying to scream, but couldn't. The joints of my arm and feet started feeling like they're on fire. I saw the Past, Present and felt a deadly possibility of the near Future which I simply couldn’t believe. I saw mass deaths, which were about to happen, and it felt like someone wanted me to know what was about to happen. 

Within moments I was changed forever.

The next morning, I ran to a well renowned spiritual place called 'BELUR MATH' to tell the spiritual gurus about my experience. I was crying like a madman, I thought I had gone completely mad and delusional, but somehow my heart knew that the message was loud and clear. Maharaj of Veda University couldn’t help me in any way and asked me to take a break. I came back home helpless, and questioning my own sanity, the nature of reality and my own existence.

Since then a lot has changed - I lost my job, my laptop, and even friends. 

People around me had started calling me insane and useless. My confidence crumbled day by day as I kept questioning the visions I had. For two long years, I had kept myself locked in a room thinking that an event of mass death could be impossible and silly to think about, but now… 

Everything has changed. 

If you are reading this, then you already know what I saw that night. I also saw how after darkness, new life prospers in a new light of hope, love and eventually peace.

Bio: Surajit Saha is a singer-songwriter, actor & content writer from Kolkata. He has been working in movies since 2012 with names like Mahapurush o kapurush,  Room number 103,  Maach Mishti & More,  Kancher Dewal etc. under his portfolio.  He has also been featured in several serials, short films and music videos along the years. Meanwhile, as a Singer-songwriter, he has released songs like "Bodhir Hoye Probhu" & "Ek Poshla Brishtir Gondho" on online content platforms while performing his songs in more than 100 concerts. He has represented independent singer-songwriters of West Bengal in Live in Youth in association with The British Council and at Gorky Sadan in association with The Russian Embassy. He has used his musical curation and graphic designing skills to make a music movement (LIVE IN SERIES) relevant in Kolkata and the world(CALCUTTA CLASSICAL GUITAR SOCIETY) from 2014 until December, 2017. During his journey of LIVE IN SERIES & CALCUTTA CLASSICAL GUITAR SOCIETY, Surajit has worked with the embassies & artists of several countries of the world. Since then he has been writing quite a few scripts and stories along with poetry in the shape of songs and offers his writing, video editing & graphic designing services to the clients with passion for art. 

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