Author of the month: Shaleen Singh

Two Poems on Home 

1. Home

Shaleen Singh
Like a lone traveller 
Sauntering without any clue 
Is what I search

Where is home?
In walled structure
Or the people who live
Inside make a home?

Or the alleys 
The bylanes
Where I grew
Seeing, playing cricket
Or shouting in darkness

All that we see for years
And call them
Familiar faces
Or birds sitting 
On arches 
Or the pigeons
That come
In evening to stay
Make a home

Is home a permanent inn
Where turning 
Back in forced alternative
A final solution to
The riddles of life?

Or Home
 is a constant search
To the futile roads 
Of eternity

Or home is
Not finding 
The place
Where you would 
Your sojourn

Or Home is 
The unpalatable truth
That the
Eastern breeze
Caressing you today
Will not do it tomorrow

Or home is feeling 
The warmth of November sun
The body in closed eyes
And dark chamber...

Where is it?

2. Evenings of Budaun

After a usual walk with friend
The time to get ready has come
The time to make the bag 
After two days holiday 
Duty calling
Home is long argument 
That I have to lose 
In the end...

For me
After years of ups and downs
Home is still 
Wrapped in dappled light of
Sadness and joy
For a home-bound soul
It never comes into cupped hands
And slips like sand ...

Evenings of Budaun 
Leave scars of
When it turns to night
All that shimmers 
And then 
Nights with endless tails
Wag itself like manic serpent
Till the yellow morning
That never comes....

Head, Department of English
Swami Shukdevanand College, Shajahanpur (U.P.)
Chief Editor:


  1. Yeah.... Really, the final solution... Congrats Shaleen

  2. Beautifully written and wonderfully clicked Shaleen ji

  3. Dr Shaleen is a wonderfully creative writer and excellent critic with a glorious vision of life among the finest intellectuals of the younger generation of Indian writers in English and who bears a good comparison with his counterparts in other literatures. These two poems- Home and Evenings of Badaun , the poet in Shaleen is trying to wriggle out of his personal enigma , an earthly search and a metaphysical quest. The charming simplicity of his style to express the obsessive dilemma deserve a special note. Hopefully , his unfading and unfailing vision of life will soon help him reach his Home where he finds the comfortable presence of his totality. Best wishes n love for Shaleen!

  4. Very expressive, intense and heart rending. There is something about the way you put down your words. God's blessings be upon you. Thanks for sharing. Keep inking!!

  5. Very expressive, intense and heart rending. There is something about the way you put down your words. God's blessings be upon you. Thanks for sharing. Keep inking!!

  6. Heartiest congratulations...!!!
    A wonderful post modern revisiting on the concept of Home... still engrossed in the contemplation on My Home...

  7. Dearest Shaleen. I have read both poems and they are nostalgic in nature. Home to humans means ' a go to place' after perambulating the length and breadth of the earth's surface, thus finding an Inn to unwind. Evenings in Budhan and the sometimes empty streets tells of a certain material attachment and a spiritual awakening. The shades of your parents remains an unforgettable memory in the chambers of your heart. Your poem has beautiful and apt diction that enhances the literary value. You have adopted your unique style of writing poetry. You deserve the accolade bestowed upon you in every respect. Congratulations!!!


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