Piku Chowdhury
Courage and Non-violence

A handful of native salt 
on sprawling shores of Dandi,
A silent blazing resistance – a discourse of protest,
Speechless charka spinning tales of undaunted resilience 
Resonant with eloquence of silent Satyagraha.
Sound and fury blown to winds with
Silent lonesome march to history,
The muted speechless oppressed aroused
 to a fiery timeless victory.
Nation’s Father giving expression 
To the muted numbed maimed nation
Eloquence of silent strength, 
Resilience of non-violence
Pervades every Indian soul with a hope of resurrection.


Populace a museum of macabre relics 
Of defied values and denied peace,
Showcased shreds of Dalit flesh
And brazen might of manipulations.
Winged herald of peace and love 
Flutters in dream hued national flag,
Melody flowing from Sabarmati 
Resonates dreams of Father of Nation.
Each eye lifted in silence
Against injustice, or pestilence 
Of inequity; rage flaming in hearts
Amidst the mindless exhibition - 
Drives a blow to the grandiose walls 
Of  museums of carrion hate 
Speechless surge of solidarity
Bapu’s legacy to nation’s fate.


In the global carnival 
of mirth and blatant holocaust,
Warmongers revel in obscene brazen 
show of mindless pyroclastics.
Candles lit in sublime shrines
Burst in sinewy sickened vines
Wrapping around unsuspecting minds 
Preying upon synergy.
Silhouette of an erect monk
Eyes aflame with frigid glow
Lingers in the horizon, 
with plaintive humanity’s flow;
Stuttering rattling guns and hate
Slaughtering, defiling defeated fate 
Infuse with the glowing mantra 
Of the omnipotence of peace.
Father of Nation wields the shield -
Lighthouse to the radar less vessels 
in the ominous wrecking storm.

Piku Chowdhury: Assistant Professor, at Satyapriya Roy College of Education (Government Aided Post Graduate College). Ph.D. (English), Ph.D. (Education), Author of 9 books, Translator, Editor, Resource person - national and international seminars, NIEPD, State Resource for SSM in collaboration with UNICEF, Project Director in Research Projects funded by UGC and ICSSR.

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