Poetry: Sangeeta Mahesh

Power of Composure

Composure is the key 
To unlock the key of your dreams.
It is walking on thorny road
With a strong will,
A belief to reach 
The destination.
Every aim or goal
Even if pursued well,
For completion,
The process takes its time

The moon waits with patience
For its turn
To shine in the sky.
Its shine grows gradually
moving from
non existence to existence.
And the time comes
When it glows
With all its glisters
On 'purnamasi'*
The process takes its time.

Mother waits for nine months
For her sweet child 
To come in this world.
How patiently, she endures
All the pain.
She enjoys the gradual
Growth of her baby
And it's movements
In her womb.
And then the time comes
When the baby comes in her lap.
Hugging her little angel
She feels so blessed.
The process takes its time.

*Purnamasi- Hindi word for ‘full moon day’

Tolerance for Difference

Sky is not like earth
Day is not like night
All entities of nature are not alike 
But are essential elements
And the charm of the universe
Beauty in diversity.

The universe is beautiful
In its multifarious colours
Colours scattered everywhere
Flowers- yellow, red and pink
Blue sky, plants-brown and green
We love this splendour.

Then, why can't we bear
When the people differ?
People tall, short, dark or fair
With black, golden or white hair
All are His beautiful creations
None is superior or inferior.

All fruits and vegetables
Differ in nutrients and taste
People too have many
beliefs, opinions and traits.
We should respect all
Instead of doing hate.

God has created all unique,
Gifted with especial traits and minds.
Some like science
Some art and literature
Some like music and sports 
Some are devoted to theatre
How could we relish and enjoy 
The contributions 
of these minds and souls,
Had God created all
In the same mould.
Respecting difference 
Is respect to God.

Need of Universal Brotherhood

Religious disputes, power game,
Hatred and hostility,
Bigotries and clashes,
Chaos all over.
It's increasing day by day.
Where would it end?

It's time we need universal brotherhood.
This world is like cooking pan
And feelings are ingredients.
To prepare a sumptuous dish
We need the ingredients
 Of love and harmony
Not anger and resentment.

We have to fight with our own ego,
Not with others.
It's time to lit the candle of love
In the darkness of fear and hatred.
It's easy to love God as God is perfect
But the need is to love God's creatures 
With all differences and imperfections.

Dr. Sangeeta Mahesh is a bilingual poet (Hindi & English), critic and Assistant Professor of English at MIT Group of Institutions, Moradabad, U.P. (India). She has to her credit, her maiden poetry collection Ocean of Thoughts, Poems about Social Issues and Human Values. Her poems have been discussed by many critics in their books on poetry in India and overseas. She is the Review Editor of Writers Editors Critics (WEC), An International Journal of English Language and Literature. Her poems and research papers have been published in various national and international journals and anthologies. 
Email: sangeetamahesh.01@gmail.com

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