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Chaitali Sengupta

When silence speaks through Nature…...

Rustle of Nature. Through the pausing seasons, forming a lullaby. And to be a part of it, the feeling of oneness with it, can be an amazing experience.


On an early morning walk through the woods nearby, when the world around is deep in sleep while you hold a deep conversation with the gentle breeze… the breeze that caress you and leaves you with that lingering smell of unknown flowers, like a parting gift... in that brief moment does it not impress upon your heart that the Nature is continuously in motion and yet there’s no noise?

These fleeting moments when you clearly hear the trembling in the leaves of trees, the endless cooing of the pre-dawn birds, the languid movement of the flies, the droning buzz of the insects, the fleeting flight of the scary squirrels, the comforting rush of water in the babbling brooks and the creeks... these rhythmic rustling in Nature contribute to the early hour's concert. These rustlings put one in deep calmness, penetrating deep to our core, through the veneer of noise.

And the rustle of the dead leaves, as you tread upon them, in the season of Fall! Ever since my stay in Europe, I've always found it mesmerizing to watch the trees shedding leaves. It is amazing how the leaves turn in autumn, how the trees change in the Fall, how they do not struggle to hold on to foliage but releases them in order to be complete in their cycle of growth, preparing for what comes next in their evolution as “tree.” The grace and the ease with which they do that... There's a huge lesson there. This whole process reminds me of those deeply philosophical lines by Tagore "Naahi kshay, naahi shesh, naahi naahi dainyolesh..."(No decay exists, no end either, not even weariness)

And beneath this seasonal rustle in Nature, there is a deep silence. Awesome is that silence, pitted against the noise of nonsense created by us- humans. This profound silence is comforting. It soothes. It tunes your heart to the quietness. It perhaps diminishes the belief we falsely have of our own permanence in this world. It fills you with awe at simply being alive and part of a marvelous, vast, mysterious Universe. In the brief life of man, how can these moments be insignificant?


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  1. What a soothing description of Nature!


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