Sangeeta Sharma: Poetry (Life, Cognition and Creativity)
Sangeeta Sharma
1.  Pastures are greener on the other side

In a garden, the trees and flowers conversed:
Chrysanthemums (champa) got grumpy 
Because the tree that bore it mocked at it:
“Hey you! You are so white and pale, look at the marigold (Genda)
That blooms golden and so robust!
At the other end, the tree that bore marigold ridiculed at it:
“Hey you, have you ever seen Periwinkle (Nayantara)
They are perennials, not like you that drop dead during the first frost
Marigold sulked…
In yet another corner where Periwinkle were growing
Shame! Shame! How slight in size and how bland in smell! 
Even if you are slight at least be fragrant
Look at the Tuberose (Rajnigandha)! 

It’s of your size but at least it has a pleasant aroma!
Tuberose, too, was found moping!!
When all landed in the flower-basket of a garland-maker…
And were tossed together- they carped and whined:
How heartless and callous are our lords!
Why don’t they accept us as we are- as we accept them!
It is the Almighty who gives us shape, size and colour!
Isn’t the maxim true that ‘Pastures are always greener on the other side’?

II. Jouissance

The small chilli plant
In the earthen pot
A cause of great excitement
For the young homemaker
Who had casually sprinkled
Few red chilli seeds
In the well-fertilized mud
Sprinkling water twice a day
Waiting for the seeds to sprout
Kept her engaged
For almost a month
The sprouting saplings
Made her shriek with joy.
Like a small baby
She nurtured
The plant each day
And administered nutritious water
With each passing week
The plant grew
Flowers bloomed
And lo! There was a day
When she saw chillies young
Hanging down the puny shrub
Exulted, she shared
Her pride
With others
Kindda ‘jouissance’!

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