Neelam Saxena Chandra: Poetry (Life, Cognition and Creativity)

Neelam Saxena Chandra

On the shore of the sea I rest,
Drinking the ocean of silence;
And like a drunken man I dance,
Entranced and lost in happiness!

The winds harp a poignant tune,
The waves play a soulful melody;
The seagulls join in the chorus,
The night passes by nimbly…

The moon peeps and is bewitched
To hear the heart touching jingles,
How can it stay so far away?
Into the bosom of the sea it nestles!

By the scene’s splendour mesmerized, 
I drop all my masks and veils;
And like an enticed maiden I swallow
Sanguinity from the life’s pails!


Rainbows Vanish.

When they come
They bring with them
A drizzle of happiness,
A shine of joy,
A twinkle of love.

But rainbows vanish.

Their presence is marked
With a sprinkle of hues
As if a painter
Has painted the milieu
In his fancy.

But rainbows vanish.

Heart sings melodies
As it drapes the rainbow,
Serenity prevails
As the thoughts sit on it
And swing with the breeze.

But rainbows vanish.

And when they disappear
They leave no traces
Neither joy nor happiness
Neither melodies nor serenity-
They simply vanish
As if they never existed.


Behind the clouds
Hides the moon pretty,
Cushioning itself 
From the eyes penetrating
Of the obscure.

Its form crescent
Arced like an eye almond shaped
Of a pretty lass 
Innocently flickers at times
Why worldly objects and thoughts
Remain ambiguous and unintelligible.

Just like the moon inquisitive, 
I too sit and ponder
Why so shadowy and veiled
The world is.


The night kept passing by and by…

A spurt of tears
Gushed out relentlessly
And then the eyes
Calmed down 
As if the tears never existed…

The night kept passing by and by…

There was absolute calm
The entire world had slept
The only sounds audible
Were that of the heartbeats
Thumping and Thrashing…

The night kept passing by and by…

The moon, 
My solitary companion
Kept moving inch by inch
Watching me lie down
In the lap of the night with repose…

The night kept passing by and by…

The feeling surreal
Kept me bounded 
To the nectar of night
And I wished
That it never passes by…


The swans...
The beautiful swans...

As I watched them
Slowly and merrily waddling
In crystal clear water
Tranquillity twinkling in their eyes
Serenity shining in their sway
And contentment in their composure,
I wondered
What was it
That made them so happy?

As they flapped their wings
And honked and laughed
Enjoying the jolly companionship
Of other fellow swans
Sometimes wading in water 
Making various ebullient formations
And at other times
Coming out
To walk tall on the green grass,
I realized that 
Their happiness emerged
From little expectations they had…

They were satiated 
With the little water in the pool,
The breeze cool,
Insects to eat,
And company to freak...

They desired nothing more and nothing less,
They lived in neither the past nor the future,
They lived 
In that day
That moment 
That instant
And were the most satisfied…

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