Shruti Goel: Poetry (Life, Cognition and Creativity)

Shruti Goel
In Conversation with a Dragonfly

Oh, Nature’s sweet nectar.
My memories are a hungry collector. 
You lure me in your realm.
Here I am biding my time at your helm.
Gently you nestled a winged angel upon the twigs, 
That adorns nature with its luminous turquoise gazes. 
Charming me with a glimmer,
And iridescent wings that shimmer.
The angel and I exchange a few glances.
Extraordinaire and beyond expanses.
Striking an unspoken conversation. 
Simply compelling me to pen my inspiration. 
How grandeur would your magnificence be?
Oh Lord of the Worlds you hold the key!
To the Treasury. 
How often we self reflect...
Leads us to thee.
Every tiny creature, 
Is in some way a wise teacher.
You oh Dragonfly bring about the true meaning of transformation.
You teach me the value of clarity, poise, joy, and illumination.

Darkness Harbors Light

A star-studded night sky.
Constellations weaved in my starlit canopy,
The stillness in the dark brings unparalleled serenity, 
The late-night chattering of the owls, 
Careless wanderers of the night some fowls,
The stridulating crickets,
The croaking frogs,
A fox, a deer, and a lazy gopher,
A simmering mound of the bonfire,
And a jar full of fireflies,
Are there to accessorize,
Many gatherings that are blurred,
When nature's finest is conferred.
II pause at this moment in time,
To thank the most sublime.
Who illuminates with His presence,
The sky I see, the fresh air I breathe,
The beauty that I see in ways He makes me feel.
Wanted yet independent of all wants,
Loved yet self-reliant and not confined.
Happy to embrace the darkness from

My Healer's Benevolence

Blooming hydrangeas,
Buzzing bees,
Delighted dragonflies, 
Fluttering hummingbirds,
Wind beneath the leaves 🍂

Birds building nests, 
Wriggling cardinal hatchlings ,
Whispering clouds,
The earth beneath my feet,
Morning dew on my fingertips.

The bleak blue sun,
Gliding hawks,
Pecking woodpeckers,
Playful children with their mommies,
The oh so stationary praying mantis.

A stroll in the woods,
The calming lake by my side,
A turtle trying to flip,
The diving pelicans,
And a quietly resting fish pole.

Heading back into the comfort of my sanctuary,
The whistling kettle of my favorite hazelnut coffee, 
A dash of lavender in my lemon cookies, 
Heaven in my sunlit morning room,
A beautiful fawn peeking through the window.

A glimpse of heaven and earth,
A gentle stroke of His workmanship,
An unparalleled artist,
An incomparable architect,
Oh, how I marvel my Healer who is so subtly benevolent.

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