Soumik Kumar De: Poetry (Life, Cognition and Creativity)

Soumik Kumar De
The Clan

A row of skyscrapers 
On the other side of the highway
And a patch of green 
Just in front of the 
Matchbox like apartments 
A few saplings 
Little dahlias, pinky roses
Or a few saffron marigolds
Nodding their twigs
As the night air lulls them all.

Yet the dew drops fall from
Their petals
Like the pearly drops of tear
For they well know 
'Tis the graveyard
Where lie peacefully 
All their forefathers 
The gulmohar, the banyan or the peepal.

The Creepers

I saw them climbing 
The balcony walls 
Just beneath the window panes 
Of my brand new 3 BHK
The white, yellow and red blossoms
Hanging from the green twigs 
Reducing the off white wall papers
Of the rooms 
The more I look at those creepers
The more I realize
 Its my memory actually 
Creeping through my childhood days.


The other day 
I discovered them
In my bay-window
Two, three and four
Cuddled together. 
The white downy feathers
Turned them a bundle of cotton
All striving for their mother's beak
Offering little grains.

This made me recall
My mother 
Sitting by the chula
Baking crispy chapatis for us
And how my little siblings
Would strive to have them hot
With love and curry.


The thatched cottage
 Silhouetted against the sky
The crescent moon
Like a piece of pared nail
Peeps through the shadowy leaves
Of the peepal tree.
The soothing air 
Softens the heat soaked earth.

It's time, it's time 
To keep all your work at rest.
It's time, it's time
To close your eyes
It's time, it's time
To bid your friends good byes.


The cottage rows 
Bathed in sunshine
The little sparrows
 All in a spree
The calves nodding their 
Hornless head
Bid their parents 
To join the farmers.

It's time, it's time 
To begin your days
It's time, it's time
For the humble lays
It's time, it's the time
For the earth never rests.

Bio: Soumik Kumar De is a teacher by profession and a poet by passion. He was born in 1977 in Bankura, West Bengal. An M.A. and M.Phil in English literature Mr. De has several bilingual poems to his credit.  His first anthology Adrikake Niye was published in 2005. It was a collection of Bengali creative poems. His poems have been included in several journals, anthologies and web magazines like Aulos: An Anthology of Poems, Caravan, Sangshaptak, Borderless Journal etc. Besides he has several academic and non- academic writings. He is also a writer of short story and flash fiction. He has a penchant for travelling and so far covered almost all the states of India. Beside writing he likes to spend his leisure hours by painting and playing guitar.

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