The Creation: Ethan Goffman

Ethan Goffman

In a bout of insomnia, I decided I would pass the time by dreaming the world into existence.  I began by separating the light from the air, the air from the water, the water from the firm soil.  Using clippings from my fingernails, flakes from my drying skin, hairs from under my arms, sweat, a bit of saliva, and a few drops of blood, I filled the world with flora and fauna, with plankton and shrimp and darting fishies in the oceans, with  gnarly vines and looping trees, creeping creatures with multiple legs and eye sockets on the land, fluttering butterflies and birds on outspread wings soaring through the vast air.

“Wait a second,” I exclaimed in a booming voice that echoed through all time and space!  “It’s all been done before”!

I decided to visit the actual God to voice my complaint.  Ascending to the actual heaven, I bowed and trembled as I spoke.  “It’s all been done before,” i said.  “You’ve left me nothing new or original to create in the torpor of my puny human mind.”  My thoughts echoed and reached myself.  They reverberated through the imaginary heavens in my mind and the churning, anxious hell of my soul.  They echoed through the vast night of insomnia.

i imagined faintly i heard god’s answer. “i was bored, too,” she said, “that’s the only reason you exist, along with the universe.” surely there is more, i hardly dared to think


  1. Very creative. I love it that ultimately you and G-d discovered that you had something in common. She must have been pretty impressed by your human abilities to create!

  2. Creation in his own image and as humans we still tend to procreate. What exactly is the main reason or purpose


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