Basab Mondal: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

 Basab Mondal, is a teacher by profession. He is from Kolkata. He is a bilingual poet and columnist who writes in English as well as Bengali. His poems stories and translations have appeared in several anthologies and literary magazines. He writes to gratify his own inner self and the world around him serves as the cue.


I peeked at the sky, after
almost a week.
The liberating smell,
bounded me.

The muted cage, hanging
made me realise, that
stifle, has a language.

I unfurled my feathers,
and tried to fly-
Probably a flight within.


I breathe into the holes,
through my mouth,
sometimes hard,
at times very lightly.

Thy sly holes,
lying parallely, whisper
to the nights.

They probably, help me
to communicate, with
my father, from whom
I inherited the Harmonica.


A Sum

Walking through my own vacuity,
I discover,
a radio station
in between the thick foliage
which has,
silence as its signature tune.
The internal democracy,
of silence,
feeds me with a sumptuous diet,
of unfulfillment.
I divide my demands, with
my unfulfillments, and
get sorrow for quotient
and the same demands
as remainder

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