Manjula Asthana Mahanti: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Manjula Asthana Mahanti is a bilingual poet, published author, translator and editor too. She has more than six books to her credit. She has published worldwide. She is the recipient of many awards like, Rabindranath Tagore, Best Novelist, Woman of Excellence (World Survey) and Star Ambassador of World Poetry & Art. She has received prestigious Samman by Gujrat Sahitya Academy, Sahitya Shree, Shabd Sadhak, Kavi S. N. Pant Smriti Samman, Ujesh Samman etc. She is the District President of NCDWC.

I am... 

I'm beauty, I'm charm
Few consider replica of goddess, 
I'm life, show life to world 
I carry colours with me 
To brighten the world 
To remove darkness from hearts, 
From the path, from the life
My smile, laughter throw 
Colours of jollity, inspiration 
I'm hope, walk fearlessly 
Invite cowards to be fearless 
I'm unstoppable, determined 
I move forward with confident steps 
I have touched the limit of Sky 
Moreover traveled till the moon
Yes, I have faced innumerable obstacles 
I had tolerated brutality too
But my determination, not hurt 
I'm raising high with unshattered faith 
Since ages, world noticed my beautiful physique 
Pretty looks, soft heart, household skills
I gleefully announce, I'm much more capable, 
Walk towards victory, invite to follow...

Light the lamp... 

Light the lamp to awake 
For the triumph over the fake 
Light the lamp for the World 
Scrounging in the trap of ignorance 
Let sensibility prevail like fragrance 
Fragrance of wisdom, enlightenment 
Light the lamp, 
World competes for progress 
Leave no stone unturned, efforts rigorous 
Light the lamp 
Latent enemy of World, metarialism
Acute need of the sparks of spiritualism 
Spread the light of peace, contentment 
Realize the cause and effect of the disagreement 
Be a powerful light like Sun 
Come out of every storm unshaken 
Light the lamp, to destroy darkness 
Of mind, environment, consciousness 
Let the world smile, no confront 
As a shadow of your delight 
Light the lamp, keep brighten 
Let the darkness be beaten 
Light the lamp...

Copyright reserved 
Manjula Asthana Mahanti 
Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

Turning Point

The world is a winsome bunch of rare flowers
Culture, values, religious believes, life styles varies.
Engrossed to rise, indulged in efforts
But expect the unexpected always
Aroused a noxious, virulent virus spark
World traumatic, introspective, eccentric
There is much more destruction
Till touches our imagination
Writers try to console through their creations
But a sick dying man cries only for respirations
Cruelest cyclone even rests
Darkest night too, gets twilights
Brightness covers every nook & corner ones
Dreadful darkness loses its subsistence
Terror of corona, though devastating, periodical
Whole world is on its toes for its removal
World, shaken by the atrocities of this virus
Socially, economically, mentally lots of disturbances
Millions lost lives, existence
Millions lamenting for their dear ones
World, take long to recoup its aspirations
Will not be easy to regain confidence, smiles
Ample advancement, occur in the technology
Will be prime position of workology
Work from home, culture will flourish
To rise, make up losses, acute rush
So many guesses, wild fancies
Only time will reveal actual status

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