Milan Mondal: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Mr. Milan Mondal, from Bankura (West Bengal, India), is a young emerging litterateur and scholar. He has joined as an Assistant Professor in the department of English at Narajole Raj College (Narajole, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, India) in September, 2019. Besides being a professor, he has a passion for creative writings also. His creative compass includes poetry, micro-story, essay etc. His poems have been included various journals and magazines. One of his poems has also been published in Shimmer Spring (Ed. Kiriti Sengupta) amidst the award-winning world-famous writers. He may be reached at

The Silent Lane

In every lane,
The fragrance remains unchanged.
Tonight she is ready to go with anyone
For bargaining is useless.

The insomniac little ones in her family,
Are taking the smell of devil’s tree
Through the window with torn curtain.
The empty path brings no hope for her.

The Solitary Player

Behold in thyself
Alone you took entry
Naked and empty.

Thou struggle thyself
Day and night
And came into people’s sight.

Thou cheer thy success
For the attachment you create
By the decree of the supreme playwright.

Miles you go
Before you sleep
Only for the Erebus to meet.

The Untold Monologue

Come closer to know my plight
My shape is sacred to the pseudo humanist.
Everybody wants to dive into my heart
Albeit nobody ventures to accept me cordially.
You find people worshipping me
In my back they cherish my agony.
The agony heals naturally,
But the trauma haunts me thoroughly.

The Voice of The Dumb

The boat sailed again,
As the stomachs were totally empty.
The chinks were clearly visible.
The frame was only an affectation 
By the artificial joint of ‘bolt’ and ‘knot’.
Once it stopped
The chinks increased.
Gum cannot work more
The pieces of the deck were there,
But the boat can never be made again.

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