Minal Sarosh: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Minal Sarosh is an awarded Indian English poet, haiku poet and novelist. She has published two novels, Soil for My Roots (2015) and Wicked Money (2020). And her two poetry collections are Mitosis & Other Poems (1992) and A Lizard’s Tail and Other Poems (2020).She won the commendation prize in the All India Poetry Competition 2005, of The Poetry Society (India) Delhi, among other awards. Her poems have been widely published in prestigious journals and anthologies including These My Words – The Penguin Book of Indian Poetry (2012) among others. She lives in Ahmedabad, India 


Every reflection has my name
I am the moon reflecting the sun,
every reflection walks with me
I am my own walking shadow,
every reflection looks like me
I am the city shimmering on wet roads,
every reflection talks with me
I am the voice echoing in the valley,
every reflection flies with me
I am the bird’s shadow flying
 on the glass walls, facades,
every reflection has my eyes 
I am the blue ocean looking
 like the vast sapphire sky,
every reflections lives with me
I am the life in every breath,
every reflection dies with me
I am the death of every flesh,
yet, every reflection sees 
what I don’t see and cannot hide
 I am the mirror of my own self, within. 


Strolling along the promenade 
one evening, my thoughts whirled,
when the river doesn’t flow back
but finds new waters, oceans,
when the clouds don’t sail back
but move ahead to new skies,
when fallen leaves keep falling
but never grow on the trees again, 
when my skin will crease, wrinkle 
and not be smooth, flawless again,
when a moment gone, is gone
and will not come back again,
as when a river will not surge back,
why should we keep looking 
over our shoulder at a yesterday,
as when living in a new today we can
be the river, the clouds, the leaves,
and find new soil, new waters and new skies.
But, can we really let go?
I pick up a withered autumn leaf.

Between the Lines

Living between 
the sky and the earth, 
I count the stars
in your eyes.

Breathing between 
each breath I breathe,
I count the moments
together we live.

Hearing between
each word I speak,
I count the sound
of our heartbeats.

Reading between 
each line I write,
I count my thoughts 
echoing in your mind.

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