Tangirala SreeLatha: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Tangirala SreeLatha, Associate Professor of English, is an educator for 26 years. As Training Head, she is instrumental in placing nearly 4000 students in various companies. She is a bilingual poet, short story writer and translator. Many of her poems are anthologized in National and International collections and other e-journals. She is a regular contributor to Innerchildpress, Muse India, The Criterion, Cape Comorin Publishers, Guntur International Poetry Fest and Amaravati Poetic Prism conducted by CCVA, Vijayawada. She published an anthology “VOICED THOUGHTS” and approximately 57 research papers. Her interest in modern fiction is inclined especially to Indian women writers.


Ganesha the epitome of all magnanimity 
Encapsulated as positively pure divinity
To bless devotees with showering affinity 
Exact evocative of the omnipotent trinity 

The pampered son of Shiva and Parvathi
A humble God who easily takes empathy
Fulfills people’s wishes with little apathy
Provided they are honest and trustworthy
The favorite God of children especially 
With chubby body unable to move easily
Fascinates gods and mortals quite fervently
A lot to unlearn and relearn much devotedly 

Big head attests high-minded thinking
Pretty petty eyes signify sharp scrutinizing
Big trunk ensures good and evil by dividing 
Single tusk states determination in being 

His first hand awakens people to noble goals
The second one controls affections and bonds
The third one protects from evil and blesses 
The fourth gratifies the devotees with rewards

Unseen neck joins knowledge and perception 
Large wide ears denote attentive absorption 
Tiny mouth implies less talk with rapt attention 
Big belly denotes generosity and full reception 

Universally pervading energy is the ancient God 
Perpetually beyond thought is the elephant God
Constantly beyond expression is the elegant God 
The only omnipotent eternal is the incredible God 

First prayers to Him erase people’s difficulties
Unanimous Lord of universal groups and entities 
Tames rat like desires of all mortal communities
Know the Ganesha in you to win in all capabilities 

Pandemic threat brought in lockdown
Students and teachers are left pen-down 
Tough time passed by in weird insecurity 
Indefinite break augmented much anxiety
No clarity, when normalcy would set-in 

Teachers upset about the topics lagging 
Managements urged for online teaching
As students’ career shouldn’t go waste 
Yes! Challenge accepted in instant haste 

Tutor s’ inapt houses ready for presentation 
Likely to confront overnight transformation 
Suppressed weird inhibition and tech-fear
Managed with funds meager all the year 
No clarity, when pay would be credited

Today’s teacher endured the test of many 
Inspection of the erudite or otherwise any
As the students’ life shouldn’t be at stake
Yes! Challenge accepted with no shake 

Sacrificed their lives as dutiful soldiers
To avert the youngsters’ life from dangers
Endured paltry censure of the extraneous
To enable the wards’ life harmonious 
Insolvent though, solved puzzles tougher 

Expelled from jobs some turned impoverished 
Obliged to opt for humble ones unblemished
Never complained or grumbled in frustration 
Yes! Challenge accepted in total confirmation

Matched pupils’ dreams with few dialogues
Many salutes to such sincere pedagogues

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