Sushanta Bhattacharjee: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Sushanta Bhattacharjee was born on 29th May, 1954 in Silchar, Assam, He did B.Sc with Economics (Hons). He did M.A in Economics from Jadavpur University. He did M.A in English, Bengali and Sociology. He is a Bi-lingual writer, writes poetry and short stories both in Bengali and English. His published poetry books are viz, Kichu Chra Kichu Kabita and Barak Surmar Tera Tera in Bengali and Blue Horizon in English. He is the editor of little magazine ‘Suchetana’. He is a businessman by profession.


Live in All Time


I live in all Time

and also live Beyond

my own Time...


I am not a Phenomenon

of a Particular Time

or to any Timeless Realism...


But a Subjective to Time Waves

in a Matrix of





For A Cup Of Coffee


You are an interesting woman –

With your beauty, intelligentsia and proud of –

Being a woman with heart, love and emotion.


You are the interesting friend of mine for long years –

With lots of complains against me.

The time will take me to my destination

By its diverse path of journey.


Anyway, enjoy your life now profoundly

By consuming leisure, luxury and joy

In your own world – created by you

Designing beautifully – spending money –

with your taste – sentiment - passion.

Have a nice time.


Call me when you are at romantic mood

After reading my free verse poetry –

For a cup of coffee with you

At an evening.


Veil Of Darkness


The veil of darkness thick upon me

Because of Corona Virus.


Thousands of death everyday

Throughout the world

Because of infection of COVID 19.


Millions of people are suffering

From this fatty Corona Virus


And struggling with their lives

In the hospital bed.


Tragedy has surfaced with all its

reflective elements to create

emotional impact to our mind.

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