gary lundy: Poetry (Western Voices 2021)

Bio: gary lundy's poems have appeared most recently in The CollidescopeFilling StationShark Reef, and Belladona Literary Magazineeach room echoes absence, was released by FootHills Publishing (March 2018). gary is a retired English professor and queer living in Missoula, Montana.


perhaps history won't have


the energy to repeat this time

perhaps our name will change

along with the failing daylight

sustenance improbabilities a

knock on what may be your

door only when opened it

wasn't visitors barred by the

virus whose names soar

overhead at all hours as if

the music that plays on repeat

heard newly original oscillates

another stolen moment

belonging to an alternative you

loosening their minds pause

in the softness becoming       



you are right of course


there are times bereft of

activity their legs bare

and covered in a film of fine

hair never doubt an opening

retrieves more than simple

sadness and the disease

elopes through walls doors

windows last night we

stumbled on the uneven

flooring and almost fell

breaking into that trust

worthy vision of you

drinking coffee lips aflame

in heat a trumpet races

through improvised note

patterns the future remains

open ended even when

we've fallen out of it




subterfuge enormous in its


pliable skin you are set ajar

as memories defy linear

gravity time lines their letter

falls out of the presorted

pages disquieting previous

confidences we scramble to

find a usable excuse for so

many pens a disappearance

mock driven to an intercourse

derived from a problematic

sense of self as suddenly you

return to the small house

hidden in the middle of

gravel alley in the old part of

town it's unusually balmy for

a few days inside a new year

we play an old recording of

piano music long lost to

personal appearance what is

it about some things so

common they break into new

avenues of escape take care

in listing those items going

where after the move you

ruminate upon past wrongs

to give ownership to breath

apologize when none needed


  1. multiverse poems to remind us to respect one another and the right to diverge

  2. Your poems caught me up in a rush of imagery and feeling. I felt pulled through a energy vortex of daily living.

  3. Beautiful poems encompassing the now and contextualize some drops of hope for this moment and the next.

  4. Excellent poems capturing now in a context of some drops of hope for this moment and the next.


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