L. B. Sedlacek: Poetry (Western Voices 2021)

Bio: L.B. Sedlacek has had poetry and fiction appear in different journals and zines. Her first short story collection came out on Leap Day 2020 entitled "Four Thieves of Vinegar" published by Alien Buddha Press. Her latest poetry books are "The Poet Next Door" (Cyberwit), “The Adventures of Stick People on Cars” (Alien Buddha Press), “The Architect of French Fries” (Presa Press), and “Words and Bones” (Finishing Line Press).  She is a former Poetry Editor for “ESC! Magazine” and co-hosted the podcast “Coffee House to Go.” LB also enjoys swimming, reading, and playing ukulele. 


Aging Backwards


When tongue ripe berries

pour over waterfalls,

tumble into dishes flaunting

wares on lazy Susan’s

the odor is terrific

as a new pair of shoes

soiled in streams with

no bridges for crossing,

the jungle lacks convenience,

so the mud seeps through

socks covering toes

with sediment and flakes

of gold – real or fool’s;

the answer only a rock hound

would know: the gravel

crunches underfoot the

sunlight melts the throat

fooling it into thinking it

is okay to cup hands in the

bubbling stream and swallow

a few mouthfuls and then

a few more swinging the

arms high overhead

and plunging into the

current (feet first, of course)

resurfacing further down the

line to watch as the new

shoes float away.


Elemental Genre


A cacophony

a melody

of toots, beeps

and honks


the signature

song of the

widow found

in living rooms

on the sidewalks

or in the corner bar

natural surroundings



volunteer musicians

with a repertoire of

show tunes, marches

hymns and classical



civilized attraction and







Clouds or discarded

rubber tires

could be a

lonesome bridge

spatial data explorer

recycled benches

from milk jugs

regurgitated thoughts

burned or buried

handsome statues

learn no secrets

chief, pilot

strange, spooky nights

avoiding contact

until crossing the

other side

of that bridge

whatever, whenever

it may be.


  1. Atavistic pleasures of Nature, civilization as song, etc. Excellent thoughts!

  2. Thanks for including me alongside these other great voices!


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