Kathy Ellis: Poetry (Western Voices 2021)

 Bio: Kathy Ellis is a Second Language Coach and Cross-cultural Communication Trainer. In the last few years, you can find Kathy’s poetry in Peninsula Poets, Reach of a Song, Ohio Poetry Day Association, Setu International Journal, Poetry in Nature, Oracle Magazine, and in her first book, Primero on Amazon. Kathy served as Poet Laurate 2015 and 2019 for The Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta. Kathy is presently working on a book two of poetry in addition to a storybook on social injustice healing in poetry form. Kathy co-leads Johns Creek Poets and a spiritually based writing group. Kathy has resided in six countries, traveled to 41 nations, and resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Kathy runs an international bed and breakfast home and houses two multilingual cats.

Walking the Camino in Spain…

Sharing Light


The first day on the Camino

greets dusk on a sizzling day.

My head leans back

to absorb the rambling stone steps

worn by centuries of pilgrims.

As the trail leaves the village,

the dim streetlights melt into darkness.

No one stirs. 

Oh lord, I mumble.

My eyes see nothing but

a tree-lined sky of no stars.

I wait.

A passing Spanish family waves flashlights

like SOS signals from a ship.

Stillness of the black curtain breaks.

They check on each other like mama bear and cubs.

Even on me.

The daughter sheds her light

onto my path of






the divine spirit ever unfolding.


Of Another Camino


A traveler ventures

A Camino in Spain

Mayan ruins

Marine life of Valdez Peninsula

Starry skies of La Serena

Bogotá’s Incan gold.

Europe and Russia lure another traveler

Toward Slavic languages, Irish beer, and Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

The two engage over

Wine. Art. God. The Past.

He rolls melodious words

On his lips

She savors the sound with her tongue

They travel the undiscovered

Where two paths converge

Where juices marinate in the finest oak

Where senses arouse each fluid cell

Where the skin wraps the body in a lush cloak…





Inspired by Ash Perrin’s documentaries on YouTube

The Flying Seagull


His loopy walk, full beard, and lit smile

Heal children refugees’ dark wounds

Into a somebody for the day.

Ash holds dazed toddlers

In his embracing arms as he prances.

Little legs follow him like Pied Piper

Down dusty paths away from

Daily harsh shadows of unknowns.

Games, magical tricks, music

Release scary creatures

Caught in their depraved sleep.

Ash flies to the next camp. 

He leaves behind prized possessions:


Brighter eyes.

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  1. Language, history, divinity, all in one sitting. Thank you!

  2. I love "The Flying Seagull", especially "Down dusty paths away from

    Daily harsh shadows of unknowns." Good poetry and great images.

  3. Thank you, Soodabeh,
    Be sure to watch Ash's videos. He does extraordinary work that makes your heart melt.

  4. World travels grounded in sensory details. Nice.


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