Mihaela Melnic: Poetry (Western Voices 2021)

 Bio: Mihaela Melnic is an Italian poétesse that began her poetic journey a few years ago. She is a seeker of truth about human nature and all elements surrounding her. Her debut collection of poetry, Change of Seasons, was published in 2018 and is available here: https://www.amazon.com/Change-Seasons-Mihaela-Melnic/dp/1717413153




The Hat


A wave crashes at my feet

and then another wave

climbs higher, to my knees

to my thighs

in the whiplash of the wind


multiple waves follow



but the sea

is not even the sea


It is a huge hat

in which I sacrifice my head

thought after thought





Android, come to me, come

and write of the wind that softly

arouses all the senses


write down about those hearts

caught in Favonio's clasp


write about how they ride

the fairies and the satyrs

and throw meat to the fire!


Android, write about love

and do it Stilnovisti -

Platonic, courtesy love

or comply to my caprice

when I desire to sing

of lustful deeds or dreams


I see fingers pointing out

to all my words expressed

they try to dig into my flesh

which is syllable and vowel

and sometimes even comma

only to make you breathe


so, I start over again

up to the daring Dot

that with the hand I move

if I decide to go on


If there comes an inquisition

my mouth I won’t shut easily;

in cahoots we are, Android!





When faith deserts you

with a flutter of wings

or rolls away like a ring

you might be tricked into thinking

you found it anew

in some crucial moment

of an embrace, in a dream


but maybe what you really get is a new

Species, Thing, Covid

runaway from an unhappy abode or a laboratory


and it's as deadly as a snake's bite or kiss

given far beyond the liquid crystal stream

as virulent as a tongue that corrupts

the flesh before you're even able

to put a mask on it

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  1. these are so beautiful. haunting, imagistic and imaginative!


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