Poetry: Chennuru Sravan

Chennuru Sravan
One Hearty Smile Does It All

Despite being outweighed by the worldly chaos
Her hands never cease holding it up
Like a seed though outweighed by the earth
Eventually breaking through to feel the light 
One hearty smile does it all.

Even if faced by the gale of gloom
That shakes the heart, agonising it
She sways, but stands firm towards it
Like a sapling being swayed by the winds
But staying intact with its roots
One hearty smile does it all.

Stones of hatred thrown at her
Hurt and pained, yet she takes them all
Offering to shower her love in return
Like a tree even if hit by pebbles
Drops the precious fruits it bears
One hearty smile does it all.

My Prayer for All

If light indeed dispels darkness
No way could one photon bring about that
Not as particles, but as a unified ray
Like a sword piercing through the shield 
Is what leads our way forward.

As pleasant as the twinkling stars appear
Their job is not just to twinkle bright 
For even the mighty Sun can do that
Much less even a small single star
It is only when all stars shine together
They form the jewels of the night sky

Such solidarity of celestial bodies
A sight unattainable by any painter
For even if he could depict their luminosity
He cannot, their will to stand up
Against the wide dark dominating universe.

Such I wish our spirits to be like
For the future of ours, let us lighten our hearts
With flames ignited from the matchstick of hope
Burning not merely to dispel the dark
But stay without exhaustion in the midst of the storm
That threatens our world today.

And hence concludes my prayer
All words for one, and one prayer for all.

Is It Because You Are Not With Me?

I come out in the rain, hoping for fun
Jumping and splashing in the puddles
But I no longer feel the joy out of it
Just makes me upset that I am all muddy
Is it because you are not with me?

I stand on the shore, watching the sun
Hoping to lay myself under its rays
But I no longer feel its strength reaching me
It wrings me out, sweaty and tired
Is it because you are not with me?

I roll on the grass in a silent field
With a wish to drive my worries away
But I no longer feel the softness of the grass
That I once cuddled with like a toddler
It pricks me like merciless thistles
Is it because you are not with me?

I take a walk, in this breezy weather
Yearning for the winds to show me the way
But the winds no longer seem soothing and calm
They turn harsh and cold 
Making me shiver and shut myself away
Is it because you are not with me?

Brief Bio:
Chennuru Sravan is a student residing in Hyderabad, India. He is currently in the 5th year of his 5-Year Integrated Masters in Economics at the University of Hyderabad (UoH). His research interests lie in Applied Microeconomics, particularly Environmental Economics, International Trade and Game Theory. His hobbies include origami, poetry, numismatics and sketching.

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