Women Poetry: Ms. Sangeeta Gupta, India

Exclusive: Women Poetry: Edited by Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy
Sangeeta Gupta

Medusa, you were betrayed by the gods 
they called you a demon though
Your innocence, your purity of the body and the soul was violated
You were a priestess, praying in the temple of Athena, the goddess
without your consent you were taken away
by Poseidon, the sea god
Athena cursed you instead of cursing Poseidon
You prayed, you pleaded but she did not heed
You lost your virginity to a god
You were heartbroken and devastated
what killed you more Medusa
the physical violation of Poseidon
or was it the betrayal of Athena
whom you worshiped and revered
more than anyone in the universe
when you needed healing, Athena cursed
taking away your beauty, isolating you from all others was an act of envy,
justice was denied to you
It seems it is a universal curse 
on womanhood by Athena.


Medusa, you were immortal still
you could turn any male into stone 
you turned your curse
into an asset with vengeance
you rose from the victim mode
with furious rage
you became a challenge to the gods
they killed you by design, through scheming
yet your head remained immortal
you returned finally to Athena
as a symbol of her shield
reminding her always
of the wrong done to you
you returned as a savior
that was your sweet revenge 
and unconditional love for Athena
Medusa, let me salute you.

Sangeeta Gupta from New Delhi has 25 published books of which 10 are translated in languages like German, Greek, Mandarin, English, Bangla, Dogri, Tamil and Urdu. There is a collection of short stories, 15 poetic anthologies in Hindi and 5 in English to her credit. She was adjudged as highly commended poet 2020 in the category of Faith-centred poetry. Her poems were adjudged as highly commended for October and November ‘19; July, August, October, December ‘20 and January 2021 and was also adjudged as Commended critic for December ‘19; January and February ’21 by Destiny Poets International Community of Poets (ICOP), Wakefield, UK.

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