Aaron Pamei


The present struggles to make sense of it all
The future seems too far to see
The past ever tugging at the sleeve
Begging that lessons of lives lived be learnt

Good and bad stretch their hands out to be held
Even as what they are seem to be hazy as the day
They sometimes seem interchangeable
depending on where you are

Time doesn't know all but on it we depend
As it steals and ticks out our lives
The changes it brings make us stay the same
No matter how hard we believe we've moved

There is nothing new under the sun
There is only an endless circling
And so we live our lives with unknowing eyes
And dance life's dance with the feel of our feet.


Out of the sky, bodies falling, 
In God’s own land, baby- slaughtering,
In the empires’ graveyard, suns exploding,  
With flaming forks, saffron, dancing, 
Cowering strangers, completely undone.

They say it’s only of lands and laws,
Of heaven and hell, of demons and doves,
Of the more and the less, of reason and cause,
Between the surrogate and the son. 

But my nights - full of screaming
Men in robes, their fingers wagging 
Gnarled fingered hands beseeching
Hunchbacked forms, with lamps a-searching
In the mist, among the dead.

Well, Do I say,”C’est la vie,
Dig the hole, forget the sun
Mind the head, mend the soul
It will all come together in the end?”

Aaron Pamei is a civil servant. His poems mostly deal with social and human conditions. His work has appeared in various journals and anthologies. He is also a keen runner and has participated in marathons and Ultras across various parts of the country. He lives in Delhi with his wife and two daughters.

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