Special: Earth Song: Mitali Chakravarty

Mitali Chakravarty
The old woman sat spinning
her loom in the glittering light
of the moon. The old woman
sat spinning her loom weaving

stories of green; ancient lores of
the Earth before the dawn of Man.
Dinosaurs died while ripping
trees. Or was it an asteroid?

Was it a disease? There are stories
about all these. Humankind, will they
survive — will they survive the virus,
the flaming forests, the rising waters,

the melting ice, volcanoes, tsunamis,
quakes? So many died. Dassies.
Kangaroos. But so many still live.
Can humans survive?

The old woman of the Moon twirls
tales on her loom and smiles at her
sister on Earth. This time she threads
a story of how the Moon came to be.

How from Theia was formed Earth and
her sister, Luna — The time will come,
her loom wove, when Man will inhabit
both. The sisters will unite to support

humankind on land and seas.
The virus will slowly turn benign.
With that she smiled, swirling
dreams that hum with hope.

Gossamer weaves star-spangled
stretched across the skies colouring
with love the tears of those who died.
Painting with love the tears of those who

survive. Lalon listens amidst the
starry skies, hums softly: Love
will set the world aright. Love
with compassion will help mankind.

For humanity he sings, in humans he believes.

Mitali Chakravarty is a writer and the editor of Borderless Journal. She has been published widely in journals and anthologies. She writes and translates for harmony, humanity and kindness and looks forward to a world beyond borders.


  1. Brilliantly captured the human sacrifice so nonchalantly accepted by mankind. And finally there's the triumph of hope because what's there if not hope to keep us going in our perpetual quest for peace and happiness. Wonderful work! 👍🏻


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