Poetry: Garima Behura

Garima Behura


Can you hear a desperate voice,
Crying silently?
How could you,
You could’nt hear it even when it was screaming violently?
Its like a whisper in the dark,
Chilly and cold.
But underneath the facade ,
Is written ‘FEAR’ in bold.
The voice unheard,
Its afraid to step out in the sun.
To leave her chokingly safe haven,
Lest her dreams shall shatter and burn.
Her mind is totally blank,
Echoing the state she’s surrounded in.
Can’t you see it? Its so frank!
Of course not; I guess you are unaware,
She’s hidden it all painstakingly.
Bit by Bit,
But its all bottled up underneath.
She is obviously confused,
But you are not I assume.
Still you only label her as wrong,
And make her pain prolong.
Then you only cry,
Your eyes swollen reed.
When you see a loop,
Hanging around her head...


There was a spark in her eyes,
And electricity coursed through her veins.
When there was summer outside,
She drenched in the rains.
She attracted the negatives,
Took all their pain.
And the positives repelled her,
Since there was’nt anything for them to gain.
But no, she was’nt ever sad,
She gave away all the light that she had.
There was summer outside-
Because she had taken the storm inside,
But she was the happiest of all,
even with the pain;
She had mastered the art of DANCING IN THE RAIN.



My heart is a place very dark,
Its a wooden trail embark.
As you go on inside,
Slowly...the sunlight will hide.
All alone,
In a place unknown.
Even your shadow won’t be there,
I’m warning you, Beware!
There’ll be thorn in the way,
And beasts of prey.
And if by chance,
You reach,
You’ll see-
The most enchanting part of the forest is the deep.
Where human life is asleep,
But nature’s in full bloom,
Full of vibrance and vigour.
Crystal lakes, Misty skies
The night whispering soft lullabies.
Its safe in here.
And you can peacefully shed a tear.
You can smile here without being judged,
You can walk slowly without being over-trudged.

Bio: Hello lovely humans! Thanks for checking out my page:)
I’m a grade 12th student with a penchant for poetry.
Writing always comes to my rescue when my voice falters.

Why do I write?
Well, some people write for themselves, some for the world.
To connect. To inspire. To share- Ideas, Thoughts, Aspirations and much more. Whatever may be the reasons or whatever the genre,
I write with passion, with zeal. Because:
Words have the prowess to change. Change lives. Change the world.

Enthusiastic. Creative. Off-beat. Cheerful. Nyctophile. Ambivert. My Insta handle- @_roughpages

Smiles and goodwill to all
An aspiring writer … Garmia Behura, 12th Class, Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai, New Delhi.


  1. It's so awesome with infinite depth..
    while reading, need to pause for a breath
    Kudos to your inspirations and wings to your imaginations ...

    Keep writing with positive creations !!!

    1. Means a lot!
      Thank you so much:)

  2. WoW! Natural and what a smooth flow of words in perfect harmony!Good going and wish you all the best.

  3. As a young poet, Garima has touched the hearts of the readers with her beautiful and very powerful poems. I read all the the three of her poems: Desperate voices, Dancing in the rains and The Deep. They reflect her concern for the people struggling for existence and her empathy for the mankind. In the midst of darkness, her poems harp on positivity and love to live a beautiful life.Her writings are inspiring and her talents are getting unfolded as she perceives life as beautiful, drawing rainbows to inspire people to see the positive aspects of life. She should continue to write to express her creative talent and help us appreciate and enjoy her beautiful poems. Best wishes.
    Namita Mohanty


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