Poetry: J. D. Nelson

J. D. Nelson

a mouse of the empire

the wish is the wishy of the flame

the hum is the nectar of the wild brain

in the sleeping head is the nylon eye

in the megadream that chair was the wall

slow earth is the canceled face of the hammer

the worse hand and that shoe

the lesson of the jam to clump a curb

were you a mile ago?

the praying mantis dream of the soft taco

that frost is the chipped donkey

the pillow goes thru the language of the bat

sporting a nacho beard



the day of the pigwheel


the whine of the dolphin

the crawdad legend


that dolphin is the talking book

that hum is the glistening worm


to scandalize that help of the rose in the winter

and on the island is the nothing


that machine is the grape hum

the serpent yeck of that hammer


not helping to win a bat

that loud head is the name of the whitney landing


the heart of the glass toast to win a toad

a hermes yoke


a cricket bit my pinky toe


rose wears a disguise

the piano name of the world


darth is the pepper of the vader window

the forest flute when I am the clean book




near a nurse was a nun

fiddle that crumb


cake was your overlord

water is the baseball to talk


the lesson of the loops

the robe of the stars



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