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Life's Journey and Destination

The paths are long and complex,
But I'll  go on with patience.
The destination is still too far,
But I'm determined to perform above par.
The life is full of hurdles,
But I'll face them with limitless dares.
There shall be checks,
yet to see them with all  courage.
Rays , there ,I see with zest
,It is to come with a perennial  fest

Shape of the Present Society

Society , you know, where we march ,
people claim to have standards of responsibility,
flaunting valid  civic sense,
yet many occasions make a trench !
Haven't you seen , buddy , such instance 
no way given to  an ambulance.
Is  saving lives  just trivial,
just their works are essential. "

Author's Bio:  An emerging poet and debater, Rahul Kumar is a student of Post Graduate at the PG Department Of English &Research Centre, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, Bihar. He has participated in various webinars across the country and obtained e-certificates of participation during the covid-19 pandemic, along with receiving some e- certificates on his successful completion of various literary quizzes so far. He has also been bestowed a citation letter by the ELA foundation Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

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