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Tulip Tale

Words had left me, before I chose to leave words.
Tulips were my favourite.
The ink of my pen chose to take the hues 
From those tulips, and weave magic.
There was an array of hues,
Melting like wax crayons on a child’s canvas.
He plucked tulips for me, tied the corpses together
And called it a bouquet, a sign of love.
My pen pierced my heart,
As I bled with the fresh carcasses of flowers.
I muttered sorry, I uttered no.
My pen had promised me a galaxy of stars,
Sprinkled with stardust.
My words had taken me to distant lands
Where I had seen the tulips, bright, fresh and deserted.
I wished to grow with the tulips, 
But I was afraid, I had known those hands,
Who would pluck me as a sign of love.
I could not become a tulip, 
But I became an unnamed flower, yet to be discovered.

Longing For Home

She wished to run away, from a structured house,
And steer a ship heading to a land, unknown and unforgettable.
She slept at the corner of a room which never belonged to her.
The house never became a home,
She was an unseen deer of the concrete jungle.
Afraid of being preyed.

She decided to pack her bags, and switch off the phone,
She had enough of the rattled teeth and ragged bone.
She struck the thunder on a rainy evening,
Like a bird who had just lost her precious wing.
She still had a tooth and numerous claws,
But she refused to bear the burden of her flaws.
Her colour palette was filled with traces of red,
She packed her bags on time, but she still got delayed.

She loved the windows as she could not open the doors.
She saw a kite, hung like a skeleton 
From the dead branch of a dead tree.
She wished to run by the river,
And watch the sunset pouring molten gold on earth.
She could neither close doors, nor open new ones.
She longed for a home in the sea, vast, tranquil and unseen.
But like the torn kite, she was stuck in a loop,
Tirelessly waiting.

Author's Bio:  Sangeeta Banerjee is a student and an aspiring academician. She is currently pursuing B.Ed. and is a published poet and author in various journals and magazines. She is keenly interested in performance poetry and other creative endeavours.

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