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The Red Pleasure

A dress covers the wound.
A smile is always bound
to show happiness. A tear,
helps us to get rid of fear.
But an injured mind
fails what it wants to find.

Deep depression, dark eyes
Wounded soul itself dies
Silent bleeding, sounds of moan
Obstructs her to groan
Manual pleasure, loud and loud
Covers the sun by the cloud.

Red eyes, red lips, the red hole
Undresses her to find the mole
The pain, the irreparable loss
Curses her for no cause
Over a deer, like lions roar
Look, she's not virgin anymore.

To Love

Anything more pure than Love?
More peaceful and more honest?
Is it a free flying bird?
Decent, positive and a little  modest.

Don't know how to describe you
Free you're, but you bind
I again fail to catch your view
You're easy, but tough to find.

Are you the cooling breeze?
Comfortable enough, you're the win
Between heaven and earth, you're the bridge
Though you've the power to ruin.

You're the thunderstorm, the lead,
Limitation's, you force the heart to bleed.

Author's Bio:  Titas Sarangi (b. 2002) writes poems, stories and novels from Jhargram, West Bengal. An ardent reader and admirer of Indian epics, her poems and essays have appeared in prestigious newspapers, journals and magazines both in Bangla and English. Set to begin her undergraduate journey this year, Titas is an aspiring engineer and a committed animal lover.


  1. The poems are really amazing.Desire subtly served with a pinch of pain as conclusion.

  2. Outstanding!!!Wish this budding poet huge success in the course of life.


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