Editorial: On Change, Experience and Writing

Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come? 
That is how you embrace change.

Change that is the destiny of every creature.
Energy changing forms.
Every day, every atom, undergoing motion.
Earth rotating on its axis.
Every experience.
Same feeling here, this time moving to cosmopolitan Toronto.
Toronto in spring and fall. Spectacular!
And finding dear Rumi who speaks to you with greater clarity, in another venue!
You have to accept the change and embrace it with full heart!
And be the flow.
The mesmerising beauty of nature, on full display.
The solitude.
The first-world feel.
And a Mumbai---sounds, colours and smells---seen from a distant horizon and shore---and remembered by a longing heart!
Nostalgia and accommodation with the new go together, at least initially, or, so it seems for global vagabonds of the mass societies.
In search of things and values sacred to a romantic heart!
That, maybe, is the paradox or dualism of migration, relocation and realities of  the new places and its attendant challenges, physical and emotional---and fresh beginnings that wait to be unveiled by praxis.
And, perhaps, that is also the secret of growth and further evolution of the species and individuals---and of  fine writing that endures limitations of its originating time and space framework; if in doubt, then ask W. Somerset Maugham, that intrepid traveller. He has this gem to offer for those interested in the positives of travel and experiencing the unknown: I do not bring back from the journey quite the same self that I took.
That is the positive of migration, local or global!
Unless clued in properly to the music being played out there in the dale or the meadow, no travel can teach the traveller anything worthwhile.
Be open.
Locate your centre of gravity in ‘novel’ settings.
Or go inward.
An entire universe floats there inside.
The psychic realms.
Discover them.
Journeys open up fresh vistas.
The pathways to the inner journeys are best under the guidance of the evolved masters who have already mapped out these interiorities.
The right place is your inner self where the physical and the spiritual intersect in a creative mode.
Art offers this avenue: 

And you?
When will you begin that long journey into yourself? 


This mid-September, editorial, Setu (English), moved to Toronto, via long journey. The bilingual journal’s main office, however, remains Pittsburgh, USA, only.
In coming months, expect more changes, in focus and tone.
This time, young writing, translations, theatre and children’s literature, apart from regular prose, poetry and visual art pieces, duly form the monthly staple.
Serving you with humility.
The journey continues.
Stasis! Never helps.
We meet again---soon.
Take care!

Sunil Sharma,

Editor, Setu (English),

Toronto, Canada


  1. Amazing...Dr Sunil you remind of an editor of Hindi magazine Kadambini
    I enjoyed

  2. Sunilji, You are in a place where people dream to dwell. Enjoying the Setu new edition. Wishing all the best.


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