Poetry: J.D. Nelson

shook shoe and the juniors

the power of the potsherd
my muck is the foot dock

the pie of the pirate earth
the word hat and the apple

the parrot of the barn heart
shoot the shrimp gun

bags of the hand
the broken world of the river

the folic acid is the grammar
the sock and soccer

J. D. Nelson
understanding the elver

hup! hup!
the lending wolf

moog is a lantern
my milk is the chair

the normal air of the paper
a milked almond of the power

the circular underwear is the life
the cotton of blanks I need for fishing


the disguised hand of the popcorn
the shark of the tonsil is the clue 

the known, tired almond

be the balanced worm
be the frowning mouse

I was in the shape of the moon
my head was the lamp for the burrowing mice

I have the features of the clean, safe worm
I’m in the middle with the rainbow milk

the cloud of science is the butter
when I am silent, there will be a noise

when I am told to hum
when I am the long ankle of the grass

the squirrel is on the radio
the ray-o-vac is positive at noon

I’ll have one of those feathers, please
a copperhead, too

the window or the winthorpe

a salad could
we don’t weep

a friend and sugar
the combined tweed

a science
a science

a nice world, glowing

the new apple
the walking cloud

it’s too late for a puddle
a noise to loan


  1. Like in particular, "the known tired almond" snake in the grass, why would you ask for noisy silence. You'll scare the snake if you hum."Long ankle of the grass" lovely picture. I don't know how to make one of those thumbs up thingies here. Congrats!


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