Essentials of Living: Shernaz Wadia (Prose)

Radiating Rainbows

Covid has gripped mankind by its emotional throat and has it dangling from the fragile thread of panic. A microscopic entity that decided to go globe-trotting, is mowing down people, disregarding frontiers and boundaries. This invisible virus has changed destinies and world dynamics.  

A seemingly unvanquished force has chiselled a vague reality out of the bedrock of terror. A gauntlet has been hurled at us, churning a different kind of war. There are waves of this virus still coming at us. Let us prevail over it. We must not wrestle with the raw brutality of living nor give in to fatalistic ‘end-of-the-world’ mindsets. Rather than moping and worrying, let us walk out of this storm as changed persons. It is essential that we garner the wisdom of past man-made and natural calamities and reinstate balance for all living and non-living entities; for the continued existence of our patient, ever-giving and forgiving mother earth. 

Stunned humanity, united under the same awning of apprehension and hope is still looking for succour. Loneliness grapples with itself on social media. I sense sleepless eyes flecked with concern, stress and terror; hands keep reaching out for warmth and hugs. Let us embrace them, not with words which rarely hold the weight of their meaning but with the silence of alert perception, emitting vibes of love, light, hope and peace across digital bridges of empathy. We need to lift the covering off blocked personal stands, restore numbed emotions and raise others out of the yawning abyss of depression. In this short, doubtful span, we must leave behind grudges and make love our permanent ally.

Shining through these abruptly changed times there is illumination...disguised opportunities tango before mankind offering measures to develop in diverse ways that will contribute to the well-being of others and self. If we look beyond the shadow of qualms we will find the light that will channel us to share our hearts and create a platform of staying power for others. The very pandemic that threatened to wipe out the world, has united us through pain and dread; if forces of evil were let loose, a host of angels goes about redeeming the human race. It has brought out the best and the worst in people. If there are those who out of alarm and unawareness behave thoughtlessly, we also have amongst us angels who are the embodiment of courage and altruism. From them we learn that one way to endure these trying times is to lose ourselves in selflessness, in being useful and helpful to those in dire physical and emotional need.

Glued to screens big and small, we have witnessed the spectrum of human behaviour and if there is one message that must be gleaned, it is that we need one another. Despite our disparate ideologies and biases, our polarised world limped to a kind of wholeness because of this pandemic. Through reflection imposed upon us by isolation, with a set purpose and concerned hearts, our fractured world began to heal.  But it still needs a lot of therapy. There are lesions that need to be fixed with the salve of tenderness; we need to link hands in true togetherness to lift up hearts; raise dejected minds out of dull acquiescence. We must maintain human values at the core of all engagement; keep ego at bay and pour some blessings in kind and otherwise into less fortunate lives, lightening their bug-ridden skies.  Let us gravitate from the tremors of fear towards the unshakable rock of faith. 

As many did during the calm of enforced segregation, we must continue to stay united with our inner self; reprogramme internal clocks and contemplate the true essence of life — oneness. There is fullness, richness and glory in the unity of mankind – let us exult in it. Can we unselfishly spread affection and radiance into this world and with largesse forgive those who choose self over others because ignorance blindfolds them?  Fright fed by faulty narratives transcends all other emotions and impairs free thinking. It is a self-preserving tactic some indulge in, not realising that in truth it is dysfunctional and harmful. It cannot be said too often: the need of these times is to send out shimmering rainbows — vibrant with Values that hold true, Inclusiveness, Blessings, Gratitude, Yes-we can attitude, Optimism and Reassurance — springing from an inner consciousness, so that the ones who have taken this ensuing culture of anxiety to a warped extreme may dare to fully inhabit and brighten their interior life.

Linear time has become hazy — we seemingly exist in non-time; the hourglass lies horizontal, the sand stock-still. When well chalked-out futures have been reduced to a blur and a fluid timelessness grips this chaotic period, we have only the present to lose. Let’s not give it up. Love it, live it! In acceptance for this new way of life is the strength to carry on... to be grateful for each new day’s blessings.     

To Shernaz Wadia, reading and writing, means an inward journey. Her work has been published in various anthologies and e-journals. She sometimes dabbles in short Japanese forms of poetry too.

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