Voices Within: Hema Ravi

Hema Ravi is a poet, author, reviewer, editor (Efflorescence), independent researcher and resource person for language development courses. Her writings have been featured in several online and international print journals. She is the author of ‘Everyday English,’ ‘Write Right Handwriting Series 1,2,3,’ co-author of Sing Along Indian Rhymes’ and ‘Everyday Hindi. A brief stint in the Central Government, then as a teacher of English and Hindi for over two decades, Hema Ravi is currently freelancer for IELTS and Communicative English. As the Secretary of the Chennai Poets’ Circle, Chennai, she empowers the young writers to unleash their creative potential efficiently.

Carousel Anew
Day after day, animals of the forest
Faced their end at the lion's behest
The clever rabbit's ploy ended the anguish
No longer, the others had to languish.
Are ‘happily ever after’ only in Grandma’s tales,
In human lives, are there merely lopsided scales?
This nagging fear continues to haunt.
How long will this crown, its glories flaunt? 
For this distancing, who is responsible?
Pleasant spring morn restricts – is this force unstoppable?
Children squealing, hawkers calling
Doorbells chiming, voices chattering
Are they all on a hiatus?
Is there anyone to save us?
Constant niggling – my turn next?
Beyond words, I feel vexed.

The ceaseless ocean called Time 
drowns all; so, will this sullen clime.
With sanguine thoughts, mind imbue(s)
At a distance, I espy the carousel anew.

Rainbow Kolam

The vibrant picture spoke a thousand words.

‘I drew this rainbow, the flowers kolam…’
‘Can you think any kid could have done this?’
was the four-year old’s nonchalant remark as
She displayed her work of art:
‘Rainbow Kolam’ on a drawing sheet, placed it
carefully in the glass showcase.

The colourful drawing spoke for itself.

Even as I stood gazing
She walked off to another ‘present moment’ – 
to play Hide and Seek 
with the neighbour’s child
‘Can you think of an adult who’d linger longer 
in such moments of glory?’ I said to myself…

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