Dr. Purnima Kulkarni, India (Winging through Gloom: Poetry of Hope and Recovery)

Purnima Kulkarni
Dr. Purnima Trivedi Kulkarni is a Bibliophile and a Multilingual Personality. Her Specialization is Drama, Poetry and Public Speaking. She has contributed a chapter to a book on “The Theatre of Mahesh Dattani”. Her first Anthology of Poems “Assorted Plumerias” is dedicated to her Mentor, Dr. Nitish Bharadwaj. Her second book “Permutations and Combinations of Love” is an International Anthology. Her latest book “Autographs from Heaven” is a celebration of 60 flowers. Her Magnum Opus “Krishnashtak” and her latest book, “Aum Gan Ganapataye Namah” are spiritual Anthologies. She is the Managing Director of Discourses, Pune. 


Because of you Oh Krishna! I’m invincible, powerful, courageous and unshakeable,
Emboldened, enlightened, fearless and unbreakable.
Those who sin irrevocably have a sickening breath, 
but true devotees of Madhusudan do not fear death.

We stand fierce in the armour of Krishna: our beloved Lord, 
Untouched by Duryodhans, drowned in ego’s flood.
We can never be weather-beaten by life’s gales and storms, 
And never get startled by death obsessed and blood curdling alarms.

We mortals are unwise, weak, fragile, sinful and flawed,
We could be redeemed and cleaned, if we believe in Giridhar, our Lord!
We can stand tall like Arjun and receive His refulgent light,
Rejoice in the heaven of freedom, gain His strength and might.

For Lord Krishna keeps us going and sends His Supreme Grace,
He is our comforter and handkerchief when tears cascade down our face.
He makes us muster up courage and illuminates the day, 
The Guiding light is ever ready to show us the way.

We are nothing without Him and His love is like a massive sea
He is the anchor and crutch when trials multiply and raise to infinity!
We do have some physical strength but that isn’t enough,
He prevents us from drowning when life gets tough.

If we rely on the treatise of life, Bhagavad Gita: its wisdom and silver lining,
The Philosophy could be our shield and sword, it is awe-inspiring!
We need to trust Krishna’s promise and know that He cares,
Shri Krishna is the only one to whom our heart is laid bare.

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